Why You Should Apply for New Jobs Sometimes

Why You Should Apply for New Jobs

How long have you been at your job? If it’s been more than five years, have you taken the time to look for another job? Even if you’re content in your current company and position, you may want to look around. Over the last two years, my husband has applied for about 12 jobs and had interviews with six different companies. What he discovered made us realize there are several reasons why you should apply for new jobs sometimes.

Why You Should Apply for New Jobs Sometimes

Too often, people are complacent and comfortable in their current jobs. However, if you don’t look around to see what’s out there, you may not know what you’re missing.

How Other Companies Work

You may be shocked to discover how differently other companies work from your current employer. In my husband’s situation, his boss expects him to bring in grants to support his salary 100%. His new employer only requires him to bring in 30% of his salary. Anything he brings in over 30% he can choose to use as a salary bonus or to reinvest for more personnel.

If Your Salary Is Adequate

Have you looked around lately to see if your salary has kept up with others in your field? Once you have a job, unfortunately, some companies raise your wages slowly or not at all over the years. However, because the company wants to attract new talent, they may hire new employees at a higher rate than you’re getting because you have been at the job for a few years.

That scenario played out for my husband. In the last few years, he has resented seeing new employees come onboard earning thousands more than he is. When he accepted his new job recently, he learned his salary would be 50% more than what he is making at his current job. He knew he was underpaid and underappreciated, but he was shocked that the new company would be so generous.

How Other Companies Will Treat You

Why You Should Apply for New Jobs

In addition to pay differences, you may be suprised to see how other companies will treat and value you as an employee. My husband hasn’t started the job yet, so we’re not sure what the situation will be in a few years. However, right now he’s shocked and impressed with how well the new company is treating him.

At his current job, he’s not appreciated or supported. However, the new company has made it clear from the first contact with him that they want him and will do everything they can to support him. Rather than feeling like he’s constantly running into obstacles as he does in his current position, the new company is going out of its way to open doors for him.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been at your job for a handful of years and are moderately content, you may wonder why you should apply for new jobs. However, I hope you can learn from our experience. Even if you’re happy at your current job, you may find another company offers a better environment and higher pay and will appreciate you and your work more.

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