Winter Travel Deals

Traveling in the winter is a great option for many people. There are deals to be had, the weather at home is usually bleak, and many people find that around New Year’s is a great time to plan an adventure. It’s the time of year when people really think about their lives and what they’d like to do or change. The following article gives you insights for how to score the best winter travel deals.

Cold Countries Are Going to Be Cheaper

Few people want to visit Switzerland, France, or Greenland in the winter if they could alternatively visit those countries in the summer. This means there will be smaller crowds and lower prices. If you don’t mind braving the cold, definitely jump on these deals. Hotels are often $50 per night cheaper when not in the busy travel seasons. This means you need to ask yourself, “I can save $50 per day just in lodging if I’m willing to put on a coat each day. Is it worth it?” To most people, when looking at that logically, it makes perfect sense to go ahead and brave the chill. After all, many cities are more beautiful in winter’s glow. Plus, who can resist a warm beget on a cold winter’s day?

Expect Flight Delays (but This Can Be a Very Good Thing)

Flying in a winter wonderland can have delays. But that’s okay because with delays come rewards! Sometimes, when a flight is delayed for a long amount of time, airlines can do many things like refunding your trip, giving you travel and hotel vouchers, or simply comping drinks on the airplane. Personally, I’ve had great luck with this.

Find Popular Packages for Warm Vacations

You don’t have to go to a vacation destination you don’t find desirable this time of year. In fact, many warm destinations have great plans to entice you. This is especially true for cruises. Cruises are perhaps the best value in vacationing. Some cruises can be had for around $50 per night! That’s probably what it costs you to stay in your own home!

Also, check out deals to Australia.  When it’s winter in the US, they are just starting their summer in December and there are some great rooftop bars in Melbourne.

Watch out for Peak Travel Days

During winter travel, there are many days to watch out for. Prices gradually rise before each of these holiday’s, returning to normal about 3-4 days afterward. Watch out for Thanksgiving price spikes, Christmas price spikes, and New Year’s price spikes. If you can avoid traveling on or around these holidays, do so. But if you must, the airports will be crowded. This will mean more flight delays, but it may also mean a good opportunity to voluntarily leave a flight in order to get the free flight vouchers they offer.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Packages

Buying in bulk is a well-known way to save money. This is true for traveling during the winter. Often, less winter-friendly attractions will be offered for free as part of a package. This way, the proprietor of that location will at least get something. This is a great way to see many more places than you would during the summer.