The Wonders of Walmart Check Cashing

In recent years, direct deposit has begun to take over most forms of transactions. For the rest of us, well, we still have to take a physical check to be cashed. In this article, we will be breaking down the basics of Walmart check cashing.

Walmart check cashing

When was the last time you had to cash a check? We live in an automated world now and most of the time we will not need to physically cash a check. But, if you do not have a personal bank, you will have to go to an institution to receive your money. Often these businesses are close to pawn shops and car dealerships. Usually, on the 1st and 15th, they are packed with people that want their money.

If you want to bypass the long lines and anxiety, you can try your luck at Walmart. Yes, besides being able to buy rifle ammo, a crappy inflatable mattress, groceries and television, you can cash your check. Most of the time it is a fairly cheap and painless process.

So, how do you cash a check at Walmart?

If cashing a check was any easier it would be like robbing a bank. Hyperboles aside, the only thing you need to do is walk in with a valid form of identification and your check. Most of the time it will take a few minutes and you will walk out with your money.

If you want, you can go through the regular checkout line to receive your money. This option is great for people that are in a hurry. If you have a smaller check, something like $100 or less, you should definitely take this route.

If you have a check greater than that, you could go to the Walmart Money Center. Most of the time the store can accommodate any check you bring in. You want to make sure the check is not crumpled or torn, as well as legible. If not most likely your check will be turned away. After you receive your money you should endorse the back of the check, as well.

What checks can you use with the Walmart check cashing service?

Before we list the checks, you can use we should go over the checks you cannot get cashed. As of the publishing of this article, the only checks Walmart will not take are personal checks. Other than personal checks you should not have too much trouble with other checks.

This list of checks include:

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Checks up to and including $1000 require a $3 processing fee for you to receive your money. Any checks over $1000 and up to $5000 require a $6 processing fee. To receive your money, you can get it in actual dollars or you can opt for a Walmart money card. If you decide to go with the latter the processing fee will be waived.

In a pinch, Walmart check cashing is a life saver.

Most of us may not live near a check cashing business for us to be paid when we need to. Walmart check cashing provides a convenience that many other businesses probably cannot. Most of the time Walmart stays open fairly late, and you can essentially cash your check anywhere in the store. If you want to cut down on the wait time in lines you should definitely try your neighborhood Walmart.

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