You Deserve It – Here’s How to Ask for a Raise at Work


how to ask for a raise at work

Are you waiting for your boss to notice how hard you’ve been working? We believe if we work hard, get involved and do great work, we’ll earn a raise. And in a perfect world, that is how it would happen. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and sometimes, in this one, you need to ask for a raise.

Asking for a raise is often really intimidating, and most of us (including myself) prefer to avoid it. So what can you do to give you a leg up and raise your chances of getting a pay increase?

Before You Ask For a Raise

Businesses don’t typically just hand out raises; you need to earn them. And when you know you’ve earned it but you haven’t been offered one it’s time to ask. But before you ask, make sure you’ve earned that raise you want. Here are some things you should look for:

You do an outstanding job

Many people do a good job, but the ones who stand out are those who go above and beyond. This doesn’t mean taking in your boss’s dry cleaning in or paying for their parking (yes, those examples come from personal experience), but it does meaning challenge yourself to grow, learning new skills and taking on new challenges.

You are in demand

Is your skill set in great demand in the market? By this I mean, could you the same job with better pay elsewhere? While this isn’t the sole factor for determining if you deserve a pay raise, it is important. Coupled with a few other factors, you’ll have a pretty decent case for a raise if it’s true.

You have a good argument for a pay raise

Even if all of the factors above are true, you need to make a case for getting a pay raise. Chances are if you walk into your bosses office today and say “I need a pay raise” you probably won’t get it unless you’re ready to articulate why you deserve it!

Making the Case for a Pay Raise

If you’re convinced you qualify and you’re ready to take steps towards obtaining the somewhat elusive pay raise, then here are some things should start doing.

Document Your Value

You need hard evidence if you’re going to walk in and ask for a pay raise. This means documentation. Summarize your accomplishments, point out your strengths and highlight your growth.

Track Your Performance Daily

On top of historically documenting your value, start to track your daily progress. Your boss is also likely really busy with their own work, so it doesn’t hurt to also keep your boss up-to-date on your projects and performance. Tiny reminders will help you ask for a raise later on.

Do the Market Research

See what else is out there, pay wise. Find out (if you can) what other companies are paying similar staff and research the wage averages and mediums in your same job and skill group.

If You Get Turned Down

Look, sadly not everyone is going to be successful in this venture. But don’t let that discourage you. If you don’t get the raise you want, ask your boss for some insight into what you can do to help your chances of qualifying for a raise in the future.

Have you ever asked for a raise? Let me know what tips you have in the comments below.

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