You Don’t Have to Follow These 19 Relationship Rules After Turning 50

The older you get, the more difficult starting or maintaining relationships can be. People change, and so does society, but you can also make positive changes. Here are 19 relationship rules you don’t have to follow after turning 50.

Dating Within Your Age Group

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According to the Washington Post, “The pool of potential dates is smaller than in our younger years, and many older adults struggle to find connections.” By dating older or younger partners, you may have more dating opportunities available, increasing your chance of finding the right one.

Always Putting Your Partner First

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Many people in their younger years prioritize their partner’s needs. However, it’s important to prioritize yourself and maintain your individuality, especially after turning 50. Discussing your and your partner’s wants can help you both understand how to balance each other’s personal needs.

Keeping Your Relationship Private

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At a younger age, there can be a number of benefits to keeping your relationship private. The older you get, the less important this becomes, and more benefits arise from making it more public. Sharing important milestones with family and friends should be a shared celebration for all to enjoy. 

Never Going to Bed Angry

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Never going to bed angry is an important rule to follow in a relationship when you’re younger, as we can become quite hotheaded. However, in your older years, it can be more beneficial to mull things over and resolve any issues after a good night’s sleep. 

The Man Should Always Pay

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There is a common unwritten rule in the dating culture that a man should always pay. When you’re in your 50s or even older, you may want to think about sharing financial responsibilities. Shared finances can often provide more stability in a relationship and even allow you to indulge in better dates than if just one of you were to pay.

Always Being Together

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Refinery 29 reports that having different interests from your partner allows opportunities for growth and becoming a more well-rounded person. Always spending time together can be detrimental, as you may find yourself not trying new things. Independence is important to you as an individual, but it can also be key to maintaining a strong relationship.

Avoiding Discussions About Past Relationships

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The older you get, the more mature you become. You have a lot more experience in relationships than you did when you were young. Discussing past relationships in your 50s can actually be beneficial. It can build a clearer understanding and also increase trust levels in your relationship.

The Idea of ‘Soulmates’

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The definition of a soulmate can be hard to understand, as we can all feel it in different ways. Avoiding the pressure of questioning whether your partner is your soulmate will only strengthen your relationship. We can often overthink when it comes to love and relationships, but as long as you’re happy, that’s the main thing.

Always Saying “Yes” to Keep Peace

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With age comes experience, and by the time you reach 50, you probably realize saying ‘yes’ just to keep the peace isn’t always the best choice. It’s important to communicate honestly and clearly in a relationship, and saying ‘yes’ to everything means you’re not doing that.

Keeping the Romance Alive at All Costs

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Keeping the romance alive can come with a lot of pressure. Dating consultant Sandra J. McMahon reports that over the age of 50, your priorities may have changed, and it’s important to reflect on what you want from a relationship. Having deep companionship with your partner may bring you more benefits than romance.

Hiding Your Vulnerabilities

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Hiding who you really are isn’t the healthiest, but it’s something we do because we fear being vulnerable. Over the age of 50, it’s important to be transparent and vulnerable with your partner. This can open up opportunities for deeper connections and allow your relationship to grow.

Always Agreeing on Major Decisions

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Always agreeing on major decisions can be unhealthy. Often, it means someone is just agreeing to keep the peace, as it’s rare that you have the same opinion about everything. It’s important you both communicate your views and learn to compromise and negotiate for a healthier and stronger relationship.

Having a Set Schedule for Intimacy

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Having a set schedule for intimacy can take away a whole lot of excitement in your relationship. A routine of being intimate can take away the benefit of naturally heightened intimacy in the moment when it arises. Not having a schedule also reduces any pressure, which can make it a more enjoyable experience.

Never Asking for Help

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At the age of 50 or older, you’re probably viewing your partner as your life partner. It’s important that you feel comfortable in your relationship and ask for help. You both need to be there for each other in hard times and be the support mechanism a life partner should be. 

Prioritizing Children Over Your Partner

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According to YourLifeChoices, “Now’s the time to create and nurture a rewarding lifestyle for you and your partner. Prioritize your bond by traveling together, learning together, and staying curious and open about each other’s lives.” Prioritizing this when you’re over 50 can create a healthier environment for your children as well.

Waiting for Special Occasions to Celebrate

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At any age, you should enjoy the small celebrations, but arguably it becomes more important when you’re in your 50s. Celebrating small victories allows you to be present and enjoy them in the moment. The spontaneity of enjoying celebrations can be exciting and good for your mental well-being.

Avoiding Online Dating

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Older generations often see online dating as a thing for younger people. This isn’t the case, and it’s for all ages. Be open to changing your beliefs, as online dating can create exciting opportunities. It allows you to access a larger pool of potential people to date.

The Rule of ‘The One’

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As mentioned by Love Strategies, “You have a different view of love now, thanks to divorce or a bad relationship or two. You’re less starry-eyed when it comes to what love looks like.”

Getting caught up in finding ‘the one’ can stop you from enjoying your relationship and everything it has to offer.

Needing to Share the Same Retirement Plans

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Into your 50s, you start to think about retirement. Sharing the same retirement plans may seem necessary, but that’s not the case. Having differing plans can be healthy as it can let you both enjoy your hobbies and passions, allowing you to be happier, which will have a positive impact on your relationship.

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