​What to Sell on eBay

what to sell on ebayIn 2010, a man sold an unpopular Nintendo video game he had sitting in his basement for $41,300. If that’s not motivation to sell on eBay, I don’t know what is.

You can sell basically anything on eBay. Anything from socks to yachts. But what should you sell on eBay? This post is split into 2 parts all in one post. Part 1: Ways to find what you should sell that you already own. Part 2: Ways to find items that you can acquire for one price and then sell for a much higher price.

Part 1: What to sell on eBay that you already own

Are you someone who has a garage so full of stuff that your car lives permanently on your driveway? I think you know where I’m going with this. Sell anything you have to in order to make room for your car. Let your car be your eBay motivation. Your goal can be to sell enough stuff that you can comfortably fit your car in the garage. Other places to look would be your storage locker, basement, attic, parents’ house, or your place of work. Looks for things that you wouldn’t miss if they were gone. Do you have any duplicates items? Sell what you don’t need. If nostalgia starts taking hold, ask yourself if you would rather have ‘x’ or ‘xxx’ in cash. Money is a strong motivator.

Once you find some potential items to sell, find a spot in your house where you can corral them. Although eBay selling is an online venture, it still requires lots of space in the physical world.

You typically need 3 ‘piles’ of items.

1) What you plan to list

2) What is currently listed

3) What has sold and needs to be shipped

You also need room for shipping supplies: tape, boxes, padding for inside the boxes, printer, scissors, etc. You can always take your item straight to the shipping center but that costs extra. If anyone else lives with you, they may get annoyed with all your stuff lying about. This should be more motivation for keeping your product moving. Good businesses keep product moving anyway.

Of course, there will be items that don’t sell. After you re list several times, consider giving them away. Make a fourth pile for items to gift or donate.  Not everything will sell. Sometimes the stuff that you adore is adored by you alone.

Selling your stuff on eBay can be very freeing. Stuff holds people down.

Part 2: What to sell on eBay that you can flip

eBay can be extremely profitable if you know what you’re doing. This guide will help you know what items have good track records of selling.

A common mistake beginning eBay sellers make is trying to sell too many products. You can easily become overwhelmed by the amount of data. Instead, stick to certain products you know will sell well.

Here’s a simple checklist so you can discover if a product will sell:

  • It should be easy to ship
  • It should sell direct to the consumer for between $10 and $200
  • It should be an evergreen product
  • Aim for a 50% markup
  • See this list from the eBay blog which shows items that sell well and items that don’t!

Once you find a product that will sell, contact your suppliers. You will need to contact wholesalers, manufacturers, product liquidators, auctions, outlet stores, Craigslist, garage sales, thrift stores, junkyards, even eBay itself (some people have such poor listings, you can pick the stuff up cheap).

At this point in the post, you should have an excellent idea of what to sell on eBay. To recap, here’s the basic formula:

  • Find a product that people are eager to buy
  • Find a product that you can realistically ship
  • Find a product which you can mark up for at least 50% (if not, you may become someone who whines ‘eBay is too much work and too little profit’
  • … rinse and repeat

Enjoy selling on eBay. The site that was founded in 1995 is now a proven way to make money online. If you understand what it takes to sell, you can do well. Hopefully this post has enabled you to understand how to sell on eBay.


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