11 of the Best Accounting Tools You Should Know About

Keeping your finances in order, whether you’re just reconciling your checkbook or maintaining books for a company, is easier when you have good tools. You can’t grow a successful business or a bank account if your finances, from payroll to revenue, aren’t tracked.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your finances, keep reading to see 11 of the best accounting tools on the market today!

1. Quickbooks Online

The online version of Quickbooks is completely different from the traditional model. For ten bucks a month, you’ll get access to all kinds of features from invoicing to profit management.

Different features are available for an additional cost. For example, you can also add payroll for a base fee, plus $5/person.

2. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is also an online platform, starting at $13.50/month for plans. Unlike Quickbooks, you get every feature for the monthly price – it’s the number of clients you have that will determine your monthly fee.

Because they offer so many of the same features at similar prices, you’ll want to do some research regarding Freshbooks vs Quickbooks.

3. Apache Open Office

Apache Open Office is a free alternative to Microsoft Office, offering tons of templates for spreadsheets and financial management tools.

4. Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting is perfect for a one-person show. For $10/month, you’ll be able to track income, expenses and bank reconciliation. For more options, you can upgrade to the $25/month version.

A perk to this software is the project management capabilities, perfect if you work with freelancers.

5. Xero

Xero has almost the same functions as Quickbooks and Freshbooks, but they don’t charge additional fees based on the number of users. This isn’t a huge deal for a small company, but for a larger company with more employees and clients, this could save you quite a bit.

6. Sighted

For about $5/month, you’ll get access to unlimited expenses and invoices, receipts, quotes, online payments, up to 100 clients, and more. This is one of the best “bang for your buck” accounting tools you’ll find.

7. Gusto

Gusto is a payroll software that includes automatic tax processing and even healthcare and 401k benefits. It’s also available on mobile, making it extremely user-friendly.

8. WagePoint

Wagepoint is another payroll tool that includes everything you need to deal with paying and managing your employee’s wages, plus cool features like online paystubs.

9. Neat

Neat allows you to use your phone, computer camera or scanner to easily manage and keep track of receipts and financial documents. One “neat” perk is the ability to add contacts as well – just scan their business card!

10. Expensify

Expensify works like Neat, but adds some features like expense report approval and payment. You’ll be able to keep all your financial paperwork organized and easily moved into reports and digital filing systems.

11. SurePayroll

If you’re looking for a payroll software that only deals with paying employees and none of the fancy benefits, SurePayrol is an easy-to-use software that also works on mobile.

Finding the Best Accounting Tools for You

When you’re looking for the best accounting tools, consider your needs. Do you need one management system that does it all, or do you just need help with certain parts? What is your monthly budget? Figure out what your specific needs are, and then compare different software that finds the one that meets your needs at the best price.

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