17 Things That Used to Be Affordable But Now Aren’t Worth Buying Anymore 

Things used to be much cheaper for us back in the day. We could easily afford to do fun things like go to the movies or go on beautiful vacations. Nowadays, the cost of things has dramatically risen. Here are 17 things that used to be affordable but now aren’t worth buying.

Movie Theater Tickets

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There has been a surge in ticket prices over the years. This is supported by Statista, which writes, “In 2021, the average price of a movie ticket in the United States added up to 9.57 U.S. dollars, up from 8.65 dollars in 2016. This represents an increase of nearly 11 percent over half a decade.”


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Rising fuel costs have caused driving to become much more expensive. It’s caused a huge shift toward electric cars, which are not only better for the environment but are also more cost-effective. More people are also turning to public transportation, which, although it may be less reliable, saves much more money.

Thrift Store Finds

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Going thrift store shopping has become more fashionable over a short period of time, and this is thanks to people looking to be more sustainable. However, a negative effect of this has meant that second-hand items have become more expensive, sometimes even rivaling the price of new items.

Streaming Service Subscriptions

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The Verge writes, “Netflix has raised the cost of its subscription multiple times since its launch. Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus have all gotten more expensive as Disney has invested more in streaming.” With so many platforms, it can mean people are spending a significant amount of money on streaming services each month.

Gourmet Potato Chips

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Premium brands are charging more for their potato chips by advertising them as gourmet, so consumers believe they’ll taste better. Instead, people should compare the cost versus the value when it comes to buying snacks such as potato chips. Generic and store brands are much better value for money, and sometimes you can’t even taste the difference.

Residential Rent

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Rent prices have skyrocketed in large cities, making it nearly impossible to find an affordable place to live. It’s become a huge challenge for someone to find a home, which can result in longer commutes, as you have to live on the outskirts or sometimes have to share a house.

Luxury Sports Activities

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Luxury sports such as golf and skiing used to be more expensive than they are now. For example, Stitch Golf writes, “It’s no secret that golf is expensive, considering the clubs, bags, balls, fees, and training you’ll need.” Instead, people are now choosing to opt for recreational activities that don’t cost so much, such as hiking.

Cable Television

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Traditional cable packages are becoming far too expensive, especially compared to online options. Many people have decided to give up cable due to it being too expensive and to save on their monthly expenses. Now people can tailor their entertainment options online and choose only what they know they’ll watch.

Brand Name Fashion

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Designer clothing has much higher markups on its clothing and accessories, so much so that people prefer to opt for more economical options. Younger generations are emphasizing that people should focus more on their personal style and expressing themselves rather than worrying about the latest high-end trend.

College Textbooks

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As a college student, it can be hard to keep up with the expenses of textbooks each semester, especially when they seem to become more expensive each time. This is supported by Vox, which writes, “When students buy a textbook, they aren’t just paying for the binding and the pages; they’re paying for the research, editing, production, and distribution of the book.”

Gourmet Coffee

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Daily coffee shop visits can seriously start to add up, especially when including all the extras like syrup and whipped cream. One way to reduce this cost is to buy a coffee maker and a flask for the home. Coffee and syrups can be purchased in bulk from plenty of online stores, saving both money and time.

Gym Memberships

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With gym memberships becoming more expensive, it means people are choosing home workouts. Especially with the increase in remote working, it means more people are at home, making it a cheaper and more convenient method. A person can take part in YouTube workouts or even download specialist apps.

Bottled Water

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HomeWater says the reason bottled water costs more than tap water is due to “the manufacturing, transportation, and advertising costs of producing each bottle.” Not only are there financial costs associated with drinking bottled water, but there are also environmental ones. Instead, try purchasing a reusable bottle and drinking tap water.


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The initial cost of a smartphone is becoming more expensive with each new model. With the increase in costs, people prefer to purchase a refurbished option from previous generations, as it’s more cost-effective. To save money on smartphones, it’s important to figure out what a person may actually need versus what they want.

Air Travel

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Air travel has become more costly over the years. There have been increased ticket prices and fees, which have made air travel more expensive. Sometimes an airline may even sell cheap tickets but then present hidden fees if you need to include things such as checked baggage.

Organic Groceries

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How Stuff Works writes, “Production costs for organic foods are typically higher because of greater labor input and because farmers don’t produce enough of a single product to lower the overall cost.” While organic groceries may be more expensive, they are healthier and more eco-friendly versions, so balancing between favorite organic products and grocery store brands could be an option.

Manual Cars

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The decreasing availability of manual cars has made them more expensive, especially for brand-new manual transmission vehicles. There’s been a huge shift toward automatic and electric cars for the majority of the population, which is due to the expense. Now, manual cars predominantly appeal to collectors.

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