With A Downturn In The Business Cycle, Gresham’s Law Proves More Emphasis on Quality

Gresham's Law
Sir Thomas Gresham advised the English royalty on economic matters in the 16th Century and helped the crown to stabilize the value of its money by arguing for the usage of less precious metal in the manufacture of coins. He reportedly uttered what is now known as “Gresham’s Law” that “bad money drives out good,” that is, that when people begin to use newly minted coins—whatever their real...
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My Wealth Building Strategies-Personal Investment Update

  Greetings from the great State of Tennessee.  I stumbled across this gem of an investment which I wanted to share and encourage y’all to look for similar bargains.  This was for sale by owner, who needed to sell fast.  He had received lots of interest, and after a guided  four- wheeler tour, I  quickly realized its value.  It is set on 14 acres, complete with a pond, a small house...
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Fundamental Cash Flow Strategies For Small Businesses and Large Corporations

What does cash flow mean? Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, understanding and managing your cash flow is critical to the total financial health of the organization. Some analysts consider a good level of cash flow as a more reliable indicator of financial strength than earnings or dividends. This is due to earnings and dividends being susceptible to error or fraud in...
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Lessons For The Generation Y Risk-Averse Investors

Generation Y Risk-Averse Investors
  Gen Y or Millennials is a sector of individuals that are tagged as the ‘digital natives’. These are fresh-faced 20- or 30-somethings that just got out of college or grad school, and are out for the first job offer in the market. Most of them are deep in student debt at an average of $22,000 per individual. They keep up swiftly with the changes in the digital world and are adaptable to...
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Building Wealth From Nothing; Take Action, Avoid The Lottery Mentality

The Lottery Mentality, building wealth
Successful Lottery winners look really happy when they pose with their oversized checks for the cameras. The untold story is that many of them squander their unearned wealth and often return to their previous, middle-class or lower, lifestyle much sooner than they anticipated. In other words, your chances of winning the lottery are about as good as, well, winning the lottery. To build wealth, put...
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