Unexpected Costs You Should Be Saving For

Unexpected Costs You Should Be Saving For, emergency expenses, emergency fund
When I was little, I became obsessed with reaching financial independence. What do I mean by this? Financial independence occurs when you generate enough passive income that you don’t need to generate new income. You’re free from the necessity to work. What’s the Math behind Financial Independence? Well, this post explains some of the complications with the easy math behind financial...
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20 Cheap (and Healthy!) Grocery Items to Stretch Your Budget

20 Cheap (and Healthy!) Grocery Items to Stretch Your Budget, grocery shopping, food shopping, food budget
Saving money on groceries interests me quite a lot! Probably because it’s something we all must do. On a weekly basis, we must decide how to spend our money in order to feed on of our most basic needs: hunger. You may instinctively think ‘groceries… not a lot of money to be saved there. Buy generic when possible, don’t throw food away, ladedah…’ But actually there are quite a few...
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Is Finding a Place to Live via Craigslist a Good Idea?

finding a place to live, apartment hunting, house hunting, renting, craigslist searching
For this article, I’m writing about finding a room to rent via Craigslist. I’ve found living accommodations via Craigslist a few times in my life. For this post, I’ll go through the process of how to find a room and any mishaps that may happen to you along the way.   Why Use Craigslist? The main reason is because it’s the most used tool available for finding a room. Also, Craigslist is...
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Is Amazon Prime Worth the Cost?

how to use amazon prime. should you use amazon prime?, online shopping, shopping at amazon
There are currently about 25 million people signed up for an Amazon Prime membership. Anything with that large of a following needs to be explored. Amazon Prime is is a service Amazon.com offers that allows you to get free* two-day shipping. * The main draw is that it costs nearly $100 each year, even if you only order a tube of Chapstick. But you may order enough stuff to make the price worth it....
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10 Ways to Slash Your Energy Bill

ways to reduce power bills electricity costs
It’s early February. Your energy bill is probably at its annual high. Do you want to get it back to its Spring/Fall cost? These 10 tips will help make a massive dent in your enery bill. All of the following tips are easy to implement. Some just take a little consistent willpower. Once they become a habit, however, you won’t really need the willpower.  You’ll enjoying saving money...
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