5 Things Wealthy People Don’t Do

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When we usually talk about personal finance, we talk about playing offense. How much money can we earn? What’s the best ROI can we get? Is there a way to contribute to both a solo 401(k) and an employer’s 401(k)? But what about defense? Sometimes it’s just as important to know what to watch out … Read more

How to Give Yourself a Financial Checkup

The wealth of personal finance information at your fingertips is endless. We can learn about the best personal finance apps, we can learn how to max out multiple retirement accounts and we can even learn how to become millionaires. But how do we know if our personal financial situation up-to-date? Do we need a financial … Read more

What to Buy as a New Homeowner

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Renting is simple. You don’t really need to own much, aside from your personal possessions, a couch and maybe a TV. And that’s only if your place isn’t already furnished. But once you become a new homeowner, you need to start spending a lot more on possessions. True, you needn’t spend TONS, but you do … Read more

Actionable Tips for Cutting Costs in College

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College can be really expensive. But it is manageable. You can take the edge off by cutting costs via the following strategies. To find out what you can do, keep reading. If you adopt just a few of these ideas, you will easily be able to save $1,000+ per semester.   Become a Resident Assistant … Read more