Best Hairstyles For Women Over 40

Women over 40 usually want to find a hairstyle that not only makes them look younger, but fits their face shape and personally. In this post, we’ll look at 18 different hairstyles that work great for women over 40.


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The bob is a haircut that is really youthful and has recently been worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, and Zendaya. Taper Godz Barber Co. says that the bob is “relatively low maintenance. It doesn’t require a lot of styling and can be easily washed and worn.”

Messy Curls

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Do you have naturally curly hair? Then stop flat ironing it! Curly hair is full of life, body, and volume. It always looks youthful. Because curly hair is naturally bouncy, it has a lot of movement in it. Make sure you wear out your natural curls this year.

Beach Waves

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In the past, the most popular hairstyles featured dead straight hair. But fashion has changed, and beach waves are now very popular. You can achieve these by sleeping with heatless curl rollers overnight, quickly running through your hair with the curlers, or curling it with a flat iron.

Fulani Braids

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Are you looking for a braided hairstyle that is popular on social media? Then you will love Fulani braids. According to Vogue, this style is the most popular braided hairstyle on TikTok. If you are ready for your hair to ooze youthful fun, then make sure you try these braids out.

High Bun

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A neat, high bun with sleek sides is very sophisticated and youthful. Do you have trouble with baby hair? Then Healthline suggests you “use a small amount of hair gel, mouse, or even water teamed with a small, round barrel brush to bring hairs forward and comb them down.”

Fishtail Braid

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Do you love braids? Then you’ll adore this youthful style. “A fishtail braid is the ultimate summer hairstyle,” says by L’Oreal. One of our favorite things about it is that, unlike a normal braid, the fishtail doesn’t alter the length of your hair.


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Do you feel like your hair is thinner now than it was ten years ago? Then bangs might be the solution for you. According to Harper’s BAZAAR, “When you have finer hair, getting bangs can create instant volume—simply because the front section of hair appears thicker.”

Pixie Bob Cut

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The pixie bob cut is one of the most popular haircuts right now. What is it? “A pixie bob haircut—a hybrid of a bob and a pixie—features shorter, graduated hair at the back and longer strands on the top and around the front,” explains The Right Hairstyles.

High Ponytail

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A high ponytail with flat ironed hair is really popular right now and very sophisticated. To take this hairstyle to the next level, try wrapping a section of your hair over the rest of the hair to create an invisible hair band. You can secure this in place with a bobby pin.

Long Bob

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A long bob is just like a normal bob but longer. It usually comes down past the chin and hovers somewhere between the end of your jaw and your shoulders. This is another great style for those who want to shave a couple of years off of their look.

Side-Swept Bangs

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Side-swept bangs are just as popular and youthful as normal bangs. These bangs eliminate the need for Botox and cover up any worry lines that are setting in. When your bangs are swept to the side, they are easier to manage than normal bangs but are just as eye-catching.


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If you are looking for a way to brighten your hair and give yourself a new look, you should try adding highlights to your hair. Highlights brighten the hair and make it look more dynamic. As the hair moves, the colors dance and bring life to the hair.


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Does your hair lack movement? Then getting layers cut into your hair is a great way to lift it and make it more bouncy. Hair that’s in layers moves more freely and thus looks livelier and more youthful. Layers are perfect for anyone over 40.


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Does your hair look less voluminous than it used to? Then you need a U-cut. A U-cut is a haircut that adds volume to the hair. The U-shaped curve of the hair when it falls behind the shoulders automatically makes it look thicker and fuller.

Rough Layers

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Are you looking for a hairstyle that is youthful and a little less conventional? Then you will love the look of rough layers in your hair. These layers are wonderful at adding volume to the hair and creating movement between the strands. Rough layers are the keys to thicker hair.

Messy Bun

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A messy bun is an easy hairstyle that is ideal for everyday wear. This style is shabby chic and is so simple to pull off. You can wear it all day without having to restyle it. And the best thing is that it won’t pull on your baby hair.

Layered Bob

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A layered bob is perfect for making the hair flow and move on its own. If your hair is already shoulder-length, going for a layered bob is a great way to change your look without doing anything drastic. A layered bob with soft waves is very fashionable.

Straight Cut

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Do you have thick, straight hair? Then a straight cut behind the shoulders can look very modern and sophisticated. When a straight cut is maintained, it makes you look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon. Flat ironing your hair to achieve a dead straight look will make the hair look shinier and more youthful.

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