18 Big Mistakes People Make When They Retire

Are you about to retire, or have you just retired? Then there are some big mistakes that you’ll want to avoid making at this time. You’ll find 18 of them in this article.

Divorce Their Partners

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The figures from Sacks & Sacks show that in the U.S., “people 55 years old and older currently account for 25% of all divorces, with 1 in 10 being 65 or older.” Yes, the divorce rate is high for retirees. But divorcing your partner, instead of making you happier, might make you feel even lonelier.

Stop Travel

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Retirement is the perfect time for us to travel, as we finally have the money and the time to do so. We can also make the most of off-peak travel times and get better deals than those who have to work. Choosing to stop traveling once you reach retirement age would be a mistake.

Pay for Expensive Leisure Memberships

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Many leisure clubs have discounted membership prices for seniors. If you are of retirement age, you should inquire about the discounted prices and deals that might be available to you. A lot of swimming pools and gymnasiums have discounted prices that you might be able to benefit from.

Immediately Downsize

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According to We Buy Any House UK, “the ideal age to downsize is 64.” If you downsize too soon, however, you might find yourself bored, looking for jobs to do in a house that is comparably smaller with fewer maintenance requirements. It is best to wait a few years after retiring before you downsize.

Isolate Themselves

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“Approximately 50% of individuals aged over 60 are at risk of social isolation and one-third will experience some degree of loneliness later in life,” says a study from Queen’s University in Ireland. One big mistake that people make after retiring is isolating themselves, as they need to spend time with people now more than ever.

Spend Too Much

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The statistics from SmartAsset show that “today, about 60% of Americans over 65 owe money.” One reason why people of retirement age owe so much money is because they began spending way too much money when they stopped working. They must remember that they no longer have a way to increase their income.

Abandon Their Schedule

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People who are retired have been sticking to a strict schedule their whole lives, so when they finish work, they want to have the freedom of living without a schedule. But the reality is that sticking to a schedule is a good way for a person to stay active and productive.

Neglect Health Checks

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According to WebMD, “Your mid-60s and beyond are a prime time for a heart attack, stroke, or heart failure. Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death for Americans.” When we reach our 60s, we must keep up with our routine health checks.

Stop Exercise

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“As an older adult, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health,” says the CDC. “It can prevent or delay many of the health problems that seem to come with age.” We must not stop exercising when we retire.

Pay Full Price in National Parks

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Once you reach retirement age, you will more than likely qualify for discounted entry into national parks in the U.S. These discounted prices help you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without paying an arm and a leg. Don’t forget to claim these benefits the next time you visit.

Clear Their Minds

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Another big mistake to make when you retire is not keeping your mind occupied. When you’ve recently retired, it is easy for you to become bored as you are not following the same hectic schedule that you were used to. Not filling your mind will quickly make you feel bored.


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Since newly retired couples suddenly find themselves spending lots of time with one another, they may feel that they are not used to each other’s company and begin to fight. But separating from your partner at this time can be a risky decision to make, as it can lead to loneliness.

Don’t Leave the House

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Leaving the house daily is important for a person who has just retired. They need to see people and interact with others each day, just as they did before they retired. Many think that retirement is the time to stop all activity and stay indoors, but this can have many emotional repercussions.

Make Comparisons

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It is so easy to compare your life with other people’s. This becomes a problem when you retire because you might compare what you are doing with your retirement to what other people do and feel like you’re missing out. Making comparisons always turns out to be negative.


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If you take on too many responsibilities when you retire, you won’t be able to enjoy life as much as you would like to. You need to strike a good balance between doing things for others, working around the house, and engaging in activities that you enjoy.

Pay for Expensive Theater Tickets

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A lot of movie theaters in the United States have discounted prices for senior citizens. To benefit, you have to visit the movie theater on certain days of the week and at off-peak times. You should take advantage of these perks and visit the theater at times when it will be cheaper.

Don’t Plan for the Future

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Thinking about the future is scary, but planning for the times ahead is essential for things to run smoothly and to take the pressure off of your family. A big mistake that some retirees make is that they put off planning for the future until it is too late.


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Being stubborn and in denial about your limitations makes it very difficult for your family. When you retire, you must recognize what you can and cannot do and be modest about how much you expect from yourself. This is essential as you move into your older years.

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