11 Every Day Things Americans Do That Make Other Countries Confused

In 2023, Americans are set in their ways, but people from other countries still need clarification on our actions! Many things we do perplex people worldwide, and it’s time to call ourselves out on these wholly American behaviors. Recently, people have revealed the everyday things Americans do that confuse other countries.

1. Tipping Generously

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While tipping doesn’t exist in most parts of the world, the practice is alive and well in the United States. Many international visitors are confused about why tipping is necessary; they assume restaurant and bar owners pay their employees a living wage like they do overseas, right? (Ah, to explain the harsh realities of American society to someone who’s never been to our country…)

2. Eating Large Portions of Food

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If you’re wondering why nearly 40% of Americans are classified as obese, look no further than the comically large portion sizes of most meals in the United States! By comparison, European diners eat sensibly and in a very classy manner. Americans, on the other hand, pretty much shove garbage bags full of trash down their throats at every opportunity. When watching Americans eat, most international visitors have one question: Why?

3. Not Socializing With Neighbors

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Long ago, neighbors frequently interacted with other neighbors, and generally, the entire street was friendly with each other. In 2023, that’s no longer the case, as more and more people are content with living inside a bubble in their homes. “My neighbor is Russian, and she told me she was sad that we don’t ask people over to have tea and talk,” reveals one woman. “She asked me over one day, and it was really nice.” We should all take a lesson from these neighbors!

4. Tying Healthcare to Employment

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Unfortunately, the United States is behind the metaphorical eight ball regarding healthcare. While most European citizens enjoy universal healthcare, it’s not a guaranteed right in America. In fact, in many cases, health insurance is directly tied to a person’s employer, making what should be a straightforward situation needlessly complicated. This aspect of American society rightfully confuses Europeans!

5. Using Bathroom Stalls With Gaps Around Them

Bathroom Stalls With Gaps
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What’s with American bathroom stall doors, anyway? Europeans are intrigued at best and mortified at worst when they visit and use public restrooms for the first time. The gaps between the stall doors are the opposite of private, especially compared to European stalls, offering complete privacy when doing business. Would anyone object if we changed our public bathrooms to resemble European ones?

6. Donating Money to Wealthy Politicians

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It’s embarrassing to admit, but the United States is one of the only countries whose citizens donate millions of dollars to wealthy politicians. It’s pathetic when you think about it; when these politicians (who’ve proven time and time again that they don’t care about ordinary people) ask for money, we’re more than happy to open up our wallets. In this respect, other countries laugh at us and shake their heads.

7. Taxes Not Being Included

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I envy people who live overseas because they never suffer from tax-induced sticker shock when paying for anything! Taxes being added to all purchases is bizarrely part of American society, and many want it to change sooner rather than later. “I understand the logic behind why that happens, but at the same time, it seems to be the sort of thing that could be fixed quite easily if the powers that be wanted it to be fixed.”

8. Eating In Our Cars

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According to visitors, eating in your car is something that only Americans participate in. And unfortunately, one person has been identified as one of the country’s worst offenders. “I’ve been called out for how much we eat in our cars, whether while driving or just sitting in the car eating,” one woman confesses. “Several European visitors have commented on this, so it must be very strange to them.” I need to know what exactly this woman is eating in her car that causes many Europeans to worry!

9. Oversharing in Casual Conversation

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Americans share way too much information in casual conversation. We tend to put forth far too many details that random people shouldn’t be privy to, whether personal, medical, or private information. These actions baffle our European friends, who frequently report leaving conversations uncomfortable because Americans are too eager to overshare! Can we all agree to keep some things to ourselves from now on?

10. How Quickly We Eat Meals

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When I visited Italy for the first time, I was stunned by how slowly people are in restaurants and at home. For me, the ideal time spent at an upscale restaurant is two hours at most, while for Europeans, it’s common to spend an entire evening laughing, eating, and drinking the night away! I always felt guilty asking for the check so quickly after eating. Perhaps I’ll learn to enjoy the authentic Italian dining experience next time I visit.

11. Flying American Flags Everywhere

American flag in home
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Make no mistake about it: Americans love flying the American flag every chance they get. On our cars? Of course. On our front lawns? Absolutely. On our bodies in the form of tattoos? You know it! Curiously, the United States is the only country with so many citizens being so blatant

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