19 Household Items That Are a Waste of Money

If you’re trying to save money, then one of the best ways to do this is by not making unnecessary purchases. Many of these unnecessary purchases can come in the form of household items. Here are 19 items that are considered a waste of money.

Paper Towels

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Paper towels are not only costly, but they also quickly run out. They also aren’t as effective at cleaning as reusable paper towels. Purchasing reusable paper towels is a much more eco-friendly option, as it doesn’t create as much waste. So not only would you save money by switching, but you’d also be helping out the environment.

Swiffers and Steam Mops

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Cheapism writes, “A pack of 32 Swiffer Dry refills might set you back nearly $10, which means you’re spending around a quarter for every little touch-up.” Steam mops aren’t as effective as normal mops and require continuous refills and batteries to keep them working.

Air Fresheners

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Air fresheners only provide a temporary solution to getting rid of odors. The best way to keep your home smelling fresh is through regular cleaning or using natural air fresheners such as lemon. There’s also the continuous cost that comes with air fresheners, as they always need to be replaced or refilled.

Laundry Scent Boosters

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Scent boosters are a waste of money as they don’t contribute to the cleanliness of your laundry or its softness. If you have sensitive skin, then they may even cause irritation. They’re an unnecessary item to add to your laundry, and you’re best off just sticking to the basics.

Disinfecting Wipes

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Disinfecting wipes took off in 2020 during the pandemic, but there isn’t much need for them. For example, Yahoo! Finance wrote, “The truth is you can get a much better result with a cloth rag and a bottle of disinfectant.” They’re an expensive household item that also creates a large amount of waste.

Robotic Vacuums

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These household items may not actually be that great at cleaning your home. There will be some areas, such as small corners, that they can’t get to. Also, a robotic vacuum might not be able to pick up all of the debris on your floor.

Space-Saving Vacuum Bags

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These vacuum bags are usually ineffective and often lead to damaged or wrinkled items. They can also reintroduce air, which doesn’t make them as space-saving as they come across. If you need an effective storage method, then the best option is to buy under-the-bed storage boxes.

Label Makers

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While they may be a fun household item, they aren’t needed and are a waste of money. A cost-effective alternative would be to use tape and a marker. While the initial cost of a label maker can be quite expensive, there’s also the cost of having to purchase refills.

Countertop Spice Racks

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Spice racks take up valuable kitchen space, and they should be kept in a dark, cool place to maintain their flavor. For example, Cheapism writes, “Keep them in a dark, dry pantry or drawer to maintain quality—and since they’re out of sight, it’s no biggie to keep them in their original containers.”

Sock and Underwear Drawer Dividers

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These household items are considered to be quite costly compared to the organization they actually provide. They aren’t a necessary household item for everyone, and it’s certainly a cost you can avoid. If you want a more cost-effective way to organize your underwear drawer, then try a homemade version.

Plastic Food Storage

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The Independent writes, “Reusable containers have to be stronger and more durable to withstand being used multiple times.” While plastic food containers may be a convenient household item, they don’t last that long and often stain. While it may cost more initially, glass containers will save you more money in the long run.

Specialty Cleaning Products

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Specific use cleaners are often unnecessary, as all cleaners do the same thing. To avoid wasting your money, try purchasing multipurpose cleaners. For example, you can use a standard antibacterial spray in both your kitchen and bathroom. If you really want to save money, then try making your own cleaners.

Cable TV Subscriptions

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Cable subscriptions can rack up some high monthly bills, especially if many of the channels aren’t used. Streaming services are much more cost-effective as you’ll pay less each month, and you can pick and choose what you want to watch and when. This digital alternative is cheaper and more convenient.

Overpriced HDMI Cables

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LifeHacker writes, “There are some high-quality options going for exorbitant amounts online. I’m talking hundreds of dollars for what is essentially just a data cable.” There isn’t any need to spend large amounts of money on expensive cables, as they all do the same thing. The digital signal quality is the same regardless of cost.

Single-Use Kitchen Gadgets

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Single-use items clutter kitchen space and are rarely used. This includes gadgets such as an avocado slicer and pizza scissors. Instead, try purchasing multi-use items to save money. Regular scissors work just as well to cut pizza, and avocados can be cut with a knife. Single-use gadgets are never worth the investment.

Bottled Water

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Bottled water is significantly more expensive than tap water, especially since tap water is free. Purchasing bottled water also has a huge environmental impact as it creates so much waste. If you still want the taste of bottled water, try purchasing a filter system.

Incandescent Light Bulbs

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Greener Ideal writes, “Incandescent light bulbs are very inefficient. They only convert about 10% of the energy they use into light. The rest of the energy is wasted as heat.” Instead of wasting your money on incandescent light bulbs, you should purchase LED or CFL bulbs.

Expensive Cleaning Supplies

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All cleaning supplies do the same thing, regardless of how much they cost. When it comes to cleaning products, with more expensive products, you’re purely paying for the brand name. To save even more money, you can try bulk buying generic brands or even making your own cleaning supplies.

Disposable Batteries

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Disposable batteries have a high ongoing cost when you need replacements. Instead, try purchasing rechargeable batteries to save money; they’ll be much more beneficial to your wallet in the long term. Disposable batteries are also harmful to the environment as they create waste and are hard to dispose of.

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