How Soylent Saves You Green

Soylent is a meal replacement beverage which provides a balanced meal in the form of a drink. You can buy it as powder or you can buy it mixed together in reusable bottles. Soylent sounds like a trendy drink that will cost big money. But it’s actually a great way to save money.


The only authorized distributor of Soylent is the Soylent website. There, you can choose between different delivery options. The more you buy, the more you save. You can even get a regular subscription. Expect to pay about $3-$5 per meal. That’s $9 per day. If you eat out often (or prefer fancy foods at home) Soylent can save you a lot of green each month.

So the most obvious way Soylent saves you money is with its relatively low cost per meal. The next way it saves you money is by reducing the energy you use to make food. This is how.

When you make food, you have to fire up appliances to make a meal that’s as healthy as Soylent. Burners, ovens, microwaves, etc. This will add significantly to your power bill. Sure, you can microwave a ready-to-go meal for just $2 but that’s not healthy. Since health always comes before wealth, we’re focusing on how to get a healthy meal for cheap.

Furthermore, Soylent saves you money in that you don’t need to go grocery shopping very often. This means fewer trips to the grocery store, thus more time in your life. Time is money.

You also save a lot of time by not having to prepare food. Think of your life being like this… You wake up, crack open a bottle of Soylent and within just a few minutes of sipping, you will have given your body a balanced and complete meal. To do that with a traditional food method would mean you would need to go to a big kitchen and begin assembling a meal. Whenever I cook a large healthy meal for breakfast the traditional way, it takes me about 20 minutes from beginning to end. Plus there are dishes to wash later. To make things worse, I can’t eat a big healthy meal while working. I must stop to actually look at what I’m eating. The ground turkey, eggs, spinach, arugula and Canadian bacon meal I often prepare seems to demand my attention as I navigate my way around the plate. Soylent is a less needy meal.

Soylent also saves you money by leaving taking it to remote places like when camping. Instead of needing to pack a cooking surface, a source for fire, pots and pans and finally – ingredients, you can just buy a case of Soylent in bottles ready to devour. It’s definitely an easy way of being able to making sure you stay healthy while camping. But be sure to make S’more’s if that’s your thing. Or you can always add chocolate and marshmallows to Soylent. J

There’s a bonus way to save money with Soylent. Don’t buy Soylent at all. To save even more money, you can make a version of homemade Soylent. You can get the price per day much lower than if you drank Soylent exclusively. However, much like a meal, DIY ‘Soylent’ takes time to prepare. It’s more hands off than cooking but it’s not easy. You still have to plan out your meals.

Final Thoughts

My vote is you at least try Soylent or a DIY version. You don’t have to drink it for every meal. Just drink it when you feel you’re diet has been poor. Or drink it when you’re really busy. Or just try it to see what it’s like. It has a very inoffensive flavor so you won’t dislike it.


Have you tried Soylent? What do you think?