How to Get Good Results with Fiverr

This article is about how to buy gigs on Fiverr… and not end up regretting it. What happens with many people is they try Fiverr once, hate it, and never come back. However, people can get good services via Fiverr. This article will uncover how to buy a Fiverr gig and get good results nearly every time. Let’s get started.

The first thing about getting a good Fiverr service is that you should go with someone who has good feedback. You don’t need to waste your time with noobs – unless they seem incredibly competent in your field on need. Make sure the feedback is amazing. Fiverr gives buyers and sellers many chances to fix problems. That means, sure, a person may have good feedback, but it may have taken 3 or 4 project redo’s before both parties were happy. So this is why you can shoot for the stars (pun) when finding the right person on Fiverr. Even if they are rated very highly, there still could be problems.

The second thing about getting a good Fiverr gig is all about you. What do you want? And you can’t give a simple answer. You can’t say, “I want someone to build my cold calling list.” That’s terrible. You need to get very specific with what you want that person to do. Pretend like you’re programming a robot. A robot can’t think for itself so you must tell it exactly what must be accomplished. Think about it like this… if you can’t tell the person exactly what you want, how are they supposed to deliver perfect results?

The next thing about having a good Fiverr experience is to find someone who understands your exact situation. This is trickier than it sounds. I’ve found that a lot of people knod their head (I’m guessing) and then proceed to help me that of course they can help me. After a few more emails, it’s clear they don’t even understand the niche I am in. That can be very frustrating. Make sure people understand you. This may mean finding a native English speaker who doesn’t seem like as good of value on what they deliver.

The final pro tip to getting good results with Fiverr is to leave enough time for you to be satisfied. Many gigs I have received in the past have needed small tweaks. Nothing major, but major enough that they could have screwed up deadline. If you want something cheap, you can’t expect it fast. Some people do have 1-hour response times and offer fast turnarounds. But speed is irrelevant if the service they are providing isn’t exactly what you need. For Fiverr, I don’t expect anything to get done in less than a week. It usually takes a few days for the gig to get ‘completed’ and then it usually takes 1 or 2 fixes until I am happy.


Final Notes

Fiverr is cheap – so cheap everyone should give it a try. Note that Fiverr is really good at issuing refunds in the form of Fiverr bucks. So if someone disappoints you greatly, you can always parlay that money into another gig.

Good luck, be patient, and you’ll receive great things!