Investment in Ethereum Price 2018

The cryptocurrency market has actually taken a very central role in the economy of the world. This has gotten to the extent that a lot of discourse is now centered on the currencies. In addition to the online casino rave that advertises free slots no deposit real money, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are the next best thing in the financial world. The first to arrive our shores was the Bitcoin. But many others have followed suit, and one of them, which many people actually believe was the second to arrive is the ethereum.

2018 Predictions for Ethereum Price

The Ethereum price has given the primary cryptocurrency a run for its money and has grown from strength to strength in the past year. Now, when we want to look at what the future holds for the ethereum price, it normally proves difficult to do this based on the short term. To make predictions that will have solid factual backing about the future of the currency, one has to look at the long term. The reason for this is that the ether is amongst the most volatile currencies. This is why the ethereum price can reduce to as low as 25% of its entire value just in one day and can also go ahead to gain this value back in another 24 hours.

Having said this, it is with authority that almost all the experts agree that the ethereum price prediction for the next few years, which currently hovers around $300 and $415, would get to $1000 in 2018. The prediction first came from the Investing Haven. It stated that if the ethereum price does not get to $1000 by 2018, then it will get to that amount before 2020. However, given the way the other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are increasing in value, the 2018 prediction is sure.

Ether and the Competition

From all indications, the only reasonable competition to this powerful legal tender is Bitcoin. Other alternative coins are still less stable and fragile to pose serious competition. However, another very reasonable prediction is that the ether will outperform the virtual cash in the coming year. The meaning of this is not that ethereum price will rise above Bitcoin in value, but that the return on investment for both of them will see the former outperform the latter. This is very true, given their current prices in the market.

What is responsible for the daily rise of the Bit-dime over the ether price is because of its investors. While the ethereum price is mostly bought by long-term investors, we see the Bit-dime being purchased by short-term investors. The trade and exchange of Bitcoins over ethereum from one investor to the other causes the massive increase in value of the former. However, Olaf Carlson-Wee, the CEO of Hedge Fund Polychain Capital affirmed this prediction in favor of the ethereum price for 2018. He posited that by the end of the year, the market capitalization of ethereum will exceed that of Bitcoin.

Recent Statistics of Ethereum

A look at the numbers has it that while the ethereum price exploded by 20 folds in 4 months, the primary virtual currency, Bit-dime exploded by 8.5% in a year. Another fact is that within the past 5 months alone, this investment had half of its market shares taken by ethereum. There was a time 90% of the entire investments in cryptocurrencies were in Bitcoin. But in recent, it has dropped to 45%, with ethereum having 30% of those investments. So, according to this, ethereum is the best cryptocurrency to invest in the year 2018.

The people behind each of these currencies also indicate what will happen to them in the future. Bitcoin is more popular with governments as it focuses on payment technology. China and Japan have interests in it. However, ethereum has more than 86 firms behind it. It is an alliance that has Microsoft and JP Morgan in its ranks. With their endorsement, the ether has huge potentials. Ethereum cannot exactly be used for slots online win real money. This is the downside about it for gamblers. People who prefer to use real money can go on to invest in franchises that allow them to handle real currency.