17 Most Common Dreams and What Do They Mean?

While some people think dreams are just meaningless side effects of the sleeping mind, many others see them as a window into the subconscious. Over time, dream analysts have come to a consensus on what many dream symbols, events, and places can mean, helping us gain a deeper insight into our inner worlds. Let’s take a look at 17 of the most common dreams and what they might mean for you.


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One of the most common dreams involves falling from a high place or experiencing the sensation of falling. According to Psych Central, people who have this dream often feel anxious or afraid about a certain aspect of their life, especially one that involves a fear of losing control.


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Many people have experienced flying dreams at some point in their lives, but what exactly does it mean? Most dream analysts suggest that it is usually associated with a desire to escape from your burdens or gain a stronger sense of independence. It can also be a simple sign that you’re feeling happy and in control of yourself.

Being Chased

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Being chased is a common dream that often indicates that you are trying to run away from problems in your waking life. The person or thing you are being chased by may also reflect the nature of those problems.

Losing Teeth

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Most of us have had a dream about losing our teeth at some point. This usually relates to concerns we may have about our appearance and how others see us. For example, it may reflect worries about aging or significant changes in how you look.

Unprepared for an Exam

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Even people who have long left the education system commonly have dreams about being unprepared for an exam. The anxieties present in these dreams often reflect feelings of inadequacy and a fear of being judged in our waking lives. This is also a common dream among perfectionists.

Being Naked in Public

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Dreaming of being naked in public usually symbolizes a fear of being exposed or a feeling of being vulnerable in your life. It can also reflect a fear of revealing your true self to those around you, especially when you feel afraid of disapproval in the dream.

Unable to Speak

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If you cannot speak in your dream, this can mean that you are feeling powerless and unable to properly express yourself in your waking life. Similarly, it may reflect a situation in which you feel like your voice is not being heard.


Woman drowning
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Dreams about drowning often reflect feelings of being overwhelmed by your emotions, thoughts, or life circumstances. You may feel as though you are metaphorically “drowning” in everything going on around you, signaling a need for more support and relaxation.

Meeting a Celebrity

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If you meet a celebrity in your dream, this can reflect your ideals or ambitions. The specific celebrity you saw might have certain traits, qualities, or physical characteristics that you desire for yourself. This dream can also indicate a need for recognition or fame.

Taking Flight but Unable to Land

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While flying dreams can represent positive feelings such as independence and happiness, when you are unable to land, this can indicate something more negative. Perhaps you are struggling to find a sense of resolution in a certain situation, or maybe you are doubting whether you will be able to follow through on your hopes and dreams.

Being Trapped

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Being trapped in a dream often reflects feelings of being stuck or confined in some other way in your waking life. You may also be feeling angry or frustrated about being unable to easily escape from a situation or person in your life.

Driving an Uncontrollable Vehicle

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As you may imagine, dreaming of driving an uncontrollable car or other vehicle often indicates a feeling of being out of control in your life. It can also suggest that you feel anxious about losing a sense of purpose or direction in your life.

Finding a New Room in Your House

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As noted by DreamApp, dream houses often represent your inner self and personal life. So when you find a new room in your house, this can reflect a sense that you are discovering new things about yourself, such as new aspects of your personality, new skills, or new ideas.

Apocalypse or World Ending

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Dreams or nightmares about the apocalypse or the world coming to an end can symbolize a fear of change or the unknown. These dreams often come during times when we are undergoing a major transition in our lives, which will naturally cause us to feel nervous and uncertain.

Being Late

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Dreaming of being late to school, work, or any other kind of appointment often reflects anxieties about missing opportunities or failing to meet your own or others’ expectations. It can also mean that you are feeling unprepared to deal with an upcoming event or change in your life.

School or Classroom Settings

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If you are in a school or classroom setting during your dream, this often indicates unresolved past issues that were present during your childhood and teen years. It can also mean that you are learning important lessons in life.

Elevators Moving in Unusual Ways

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It is strangely common to dream about elevators that are moving in unusual ways. Elevators that are moving too fast can indicate that you need to slow down in your waking life, while those that are moving too slowly can mean the opposite.

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