New Year’s Resolution Ideas 2016

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to decide what we’d like to do with our lives this year. This post will help give you ideas. Often, people only create one or two New Year’s resolutions. But I’ve found it’s best to have more like ten. This way, you never get tired and resentful of working towards one goal. Plus, a year is a long time. You’ll have time to focus your energy on more than one goal. The following list will give you some ideas for how to improve your life and your finances:

  1. Set a weight loss goal
  2. Set an exercise goal
  3. Create an income goal
  4. Vow to stop eating a certain kind of food
  5. Vow to contribute the max of $5,500 into your Roth IRA
  6. Vow to put a certain percentage of your paycheck into a 401(k)
  7. Stick to a budget
  8. Donate a certain amount to church or charity
  9. Drink ‘x’ ounces of water each day
  10. Avoid saying negative things
  11. Only watch ‘x’ amount of hours of television each day
  12. Start a side hustle
  13. Minimize the fees on your investments
  14. Move to a different city
  15. Find your dream job
  16. Quit your job and become self-employed
  17. Help a friend out financially
  18. Sell everything you own that you don’t love and/or don’t use
  19. Meditate each day
  20. Pay off your credit card(s) in full each month
  21. Reconnect with ‘x’ amount of old friends
  22. Invest in a friends company
  23. Buy your first home
  24. Complete a DIY home renovation
  25. Start a blog
  26. Volunteer your time ‘x’ amount of hours per week
  27. Offer to babysit ‘x’ amount of times per week
  28. Avoid going shopping ‘just for fun’
  29. Go a year without upgrading electronic devices
  30. Negotiate your bills

New Year’s resolutions are about making improvements to change your life. The end of a year is a great time to reflect on how your life has been the past year. Then, if you’re not completely satisfied (who is?) then vow to make the appropriate changes for next year.

One neat things about improving your finances is that it can be done in many ways. If you drink more water each day, that may have a positive result in your finances. If you move to a different city, you may be able to find either a lower cost of living or more opportunities.

If none of the above goals appeal to you, think of a new one using these areas of life: health, wealth, love and happiness. If you want a good life in 2016, you need to optimize these areas of your life. They are all interconnected. Get healthy, get wealthy, embrace love and find happiness in 2016.

Furthermore, you can look at other people’s lives for inspiration. Sometimes comparing yourself with others can be a good thing. To get more ideas, look to bloggers, vloggers or experts in your industry. See what they are doing in their lives. How is it they are so wealthy/healthy etc.? What things are they doing which you can include in your own life? If you want to be success, you need to do the things successful people are doing.


Good luck and have a great 2016!