17 Reasons Why Women Over 50 Become More Angry

Often, the older we get, the less time and patience we have for society’s shortcomings. And unfortunately, we women have quite a few things to be frustrated with. Here are 17 reasons why women over 50 become more angry.

Societal Invisibility

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Sadly, there is a clear lack of representation of realistic older women in media and marketing. When all we see on our screens is unnaturally beautiful young women in their early 20s, it’s no wonder we get angry at society’s neglect of other groups.

Ageism in the Workplace

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Ageism remains a sad reality in many aspects of life, and that extends into professional settings. Women over 50 have had enough of ageist comments and behaviors in the workplace. In fact, according to Built In, a staggering 93% of American workers believe that ageism is a regular occurrence in the workplace.

Changes in Physical Health

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Aging is a natural part of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. The menopause, changes in hormones, and other health changes can have a significant impact on women over 50 in terms of emotions and physical capabilities.

Financial Insecurity

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As we move toward the end of our working lives, we can face additional worries and challenges relating to our finances. Concerns about the gender pay gap, retirement savings, and the changing economy can all contribute to anxious and angry feelings.

Unfulfilled Personal Goals

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Many of us have gotten too caught up with our families, careers, or responsibilities to give time and attention to some of our other personal goals. As we reach 50, this can often cause us to feel angry and frustrated about not doing what we wish we could’ve done in the past.

Caregiver Stress

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When we’re in our 50s, we often have aging parents or other family members whom we feel responsible to care for. While we may love our family, it’s easy to feel angry and resentful sometimes about having to put our own needs on hold to prioritize others. According to the Mayo Clinic, caregiver stress is common among those who end up in these positions.

Relationship Changes

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All relationships face challenges eventually, and this can be especially true for long-lasting relationships. Many people in their 50s also have to deal with intense experiences such as divorce or the loss of a partner, which can lead to a range of negative emotions.

Identity and Self-Perception

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We’ve all heard the phrase “midlife crisis,” and this is an accurate description of many women’s experiences once they hit 50. With children growing up and flying the nest, careers changing, and society’s confusing messaging about aging women, it’s no wonder we can end up feeling confused and frustrated.

Lack of Leisure Time

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Nowadays, society seems to expect women to be able to do it all—have a stable job, look after kids, and maintain a happy and healthy household. As well as this being a very difficult standard to meet, it also leaves many women with barely any time to look after themselves.

Societal Pressure to Stay Young

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Society has a terrible habit of making women feel like aging naturally simply isn’t okay. The prevalence of anti-aging products and procedures and the glorification of youth certainly don’t help us feel our best. In fact, it can often cause us to get angry, resentful, and depressed.

Marginalization of Voices

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Older women commonly feel like their voices matter less as they age. Sadly, according to Manchester Metropolitan University, in many spaces, women over 50 are marginalized and overlooked, despite having a wealth of wisdom and experience to draw from. Who could be blamed for getting angry about that?

Diminished Social Circle

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As our friends and acquaintances retire, move, or sadly pass away, we’re often left feeling more isolated than ever before. It can be extremely frustrating not having your social needs met while struggling to find the right communities to meet new people.

Expectations of Grandparenthood

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Society seems to expect us to take on traditional roles as grandparents and provide our children and grandkids with financial support or childcare. While we’re often happy to help out our families, sometimes the expectations can feel overwhelming and frustrating, leaving us with conflicting feelings.

Changing Sexual Dynamics

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We go through a lot of natural changes as we age, and one aspect of that is our sexuality. The menopause, loss of libido, and conflicting societal messaging around older women’s sexualities can leave us feeling lost and frustrated, especially considering the lack of resources available for menopausal women.

Reinventing Careers

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It’s great to have dreams and aspirations in our older adult lives, but sadly, those of us who wish to change careers or re-enter the working world are often met with discrimination. The ageist comments and actions of our employers and colleagues can naturally be extremely frustrating and anger-inducing.

Healthcare Navigation

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As we age, our bodies change, and we often develop new healthcare needs. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be frustratingly difficult to find medical professionals who will listen to us properly and give us the correct care we need.

Technological Adaptation

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Technology has undoubtedly made our lives easier and more convenient in many ways. However, the rapid technological evolution can be very difficult to keep up with, and when issues arise, it can be challenging to know the best way to address them. Equally frustrating is the assumption that all older women are technologically inept.

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