The Cape Strikes Back: More Star Wars Swag for the Solo Premiere

Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres tonight, and some theaters are holding fan events before the screening that will include costume contests.

If you’re considering attending — or even if you’re planning to see the movie at the theaters later on — the following list of costumes on Amazon might pique your interest.

You’ll definitely enhance your experience of the flick with the following Star Wars swag.

Lando Calrissian Costume

star wars swagThis item comes first because it’s so, so great.

As played by Billy Dee Williams in the original trilogy, the likable rogue Lando Calrissian made a regal impression thanks largely to his stylish taste in capes. Donald Glover continues the caped tradition as a young Lando in the new movie.

This beautifully-crafted costume is a mite pricey, topping off at $160, but that cape is just grand, and is ideal wear for waiting in line for a Solo screening.

Chewbacca T-Shirt

star wars swag
Look, we get it: Chewbacca is an iconic character, beloved by fans old and new. Maybe it’s his incredible growl (which every character in the movies seems to understand just fine), maybe it’s his pelt.

But it’s summer, and so there’s no way in heck anyone’s going to recommend that you make the scene even at something as important as a Star Wars movie premiere in a full, furry Wookiee costume. Your Chewbacca roar will become not a rallying cry for the rebellion, but a surrender to heat exhaustion.

This comfy and well-reviewed t-shirt will set you back $19.99, and is an excellent way to let your Wookiee flag fly that won’t also have you coughing up furballs.

Han Solo Jacket for Women

star wars swagThe new Star Wars movies have included a slew of tough, well-realized female characters that have expanded the appeal of the series among women in the audience.

Decrum has a line of wonderful jackets for women modeled closely to the outfits worn by both male and female characters from the series. It’s especially pleasing to see a brown Han Solo jacket made for women who might be itching to pilot the Millennium Falcon.

The attractive and functional jackets (yes, they have pockets!) range from $99 to 169.99, and should remain intact and suitable for wear to the next few Star Wars movies.

Han Solo Blaster

star wars swagIn the very first Star Wars movie Han Solo famously opined that “hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side.”

This gloriously gaudy toy fits the bill — it’s a Nerf gun sporting a nifty Star Wars logo — for just $29.87 with Amazon Prime.

And it comes with four glow-in-the-dark darts to enable all kinds of nocturnal activities. Refill packs containing 14 more darts cost $7.99. And it also makes blaster noises to enable maximum “pew-pew” action.

Darth Vader Lightsaber

Star Wars swagGiven that Solo: A Star Wars Story is basically a heist movie in space, it’s pretty light on Jedi action.

But you may be one of those fans who believe (and they do have a point) that it just isn’t Star Wars without light sabers, the weapons of the Jedi Knights, spinning around and humming.

There are a whole mess of light sabers available of wildly varying quality, but accessorizing with this Darth Vader model is a nice nod to the old school (and the dark side of the Force, of course). It glows red at the touch of a button, makes a spiffy noise upon activation, swings around beautifully, and is yours via Amazon for $39.95.

Yoda Toddler Costume

star wars swagFor those whose very young kids are keeping them on the light side of the Force, here’s a perfect way to honor both the legacy of Star Wars and the precocious wisdom of your children.

There are numerous reasons one might dress one’s toddler as the grand Jedi master Yoda, and all of them are good. If you’re already making the scene costumed as Luke Skywalker it’s completely appropriate — even necessary — to carry your Yoda child on your back. And particularly vocal toddlers may share Yoda’s knack for offbeat sentence construction (“Give me gummi bears, you will”).

Whatever the case may be, this costume comes in newborn, toddler, and infant sizes, giving you both a Yoda robe and headpiece for $29.99.

Porg Pet Costume

star wars swagThis item takes Porgs to a whole new level. Of course this thing is temporarily sold out. Everybody wants a Porg for a pet, and thanks to this costume, you can make your pet a Porg.

You are going to coo and scream at how amazing your pet looks in this hilarious and adorable costume.

And your pet will respond with an absolutely bewildered facial expression that will only serve to deepen their complete and utter Porgness.

Priced at just $19.99 for the small or medium size and $22.99 for large and extra large (doberman Porgs!), this item might be essential for anyone whose pet is certified as a service animal — imagine taking your Porg to the movie theater.

Have you picked up any of these items for yourself? Which Star Wars costume is your favorite lifestyle accoutrement? And hey, what did you think of Solo: A Star Wars Story? Sound off in the comments!

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