19 Things Flight Attendants Are Tired of Seeing

If you’re a frequent flyer, then you’re probably more clued up on plane etiquette compared to others. If you aren’t, then there are some unspoken flight rules to make it a more comfortable experience for everyone. Here are 19 things flight attendants are tired of seeing.

Overstaying in the Galley

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The galley is there for the flight attendants and is considered their private area. For example, Travel Nine writes, “In between safety demos and meal service, the galley is an oasis for cabin crew, so they really don’t like it when you overstay your welcome there.”

Ignoring Seatbelt Signs

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Seatbelt signs are there for your safety, and you should always have them on if the sign is lit up. You should not be up and moving around, as there could be safety risks or operational disruptions. It’s always important to do as the crew tells you, as they only care about your safety.

Improper Use of Overhead Bins

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So many passengers bring bags too big for the overhead bins, or too many bags and they won’t all fit in. If bags are incorrectly stored, then it can cause delays and safety hazards. If you have an excess of bags, then check them into the hold to save you and the flight attendants a lot of hassle.

Leaving Your Seat Area Messy

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Condé Nast Traveler says, “One of the most common reasons for delays is due to teams having to clean up after messy passengers on a flight.” You should try to leave your seat as clean as possible when you get off the plane, especially for the next passenger.

Disregarding Crew Instructions

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You should always comply with instructions from the crew, even if they’re as simple as putting up your table or window shutter. It can have an impact on not only your safety but the rest of the plane’s if you don’t adhere to what they say.

Messy Lavatories

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Never leave the restroom in a messy condition, and make sure it’s always the same as when you found it. The crew is responsible for keeping things clean on the plane, so the last thing they want is someone going in and messing up the restroom.

Inconsiderate Use of Electronic Devices

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Oyster writes, “Trying to outwit the flight attendant and keeping your cell phone turned on probably occurs on every plane.” As leaving electronic devices on is a safety hazard, you can cause delays, and if you don’t listen to the flight attendants the first time around, you could face having to talk to the authorities.

Seatbelt Pretense

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Maybe even worse than ignoring the seatbelt sign completely is pretending to have it on. It can create safety risks if there’s turbulence or an emergency. Compliance with seatbelt regulations isn’t just for your safety but everyone’s on board. Also, a seatbelt isn’t something uncomfortable to wear.

Requesting Seat Changes Onboard

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This type of problem should be addressed before boarding the plane. It can cause disruptions for flight attendants and create challenges, especially if the flight is busy. Always try to sort out your seat arrangements in advance. You can even book them when you purchase the flight tickets.

Rushing to Disembark

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Don’t stand up before the plane has fully stopped. This is supported by the Washington Post, which writes, “If you stand up while the plane is still rolling to your gate, the plane could actually stop and slow down your deplaning even more.” There are safety risks that come with rushing to get off the plane.

Complaining About Food Options

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Many people face disappointment over food options when they’re flying, especially if anything runs out. There can be limitations for onboard catering. After all, it is a plane, not a restaurant. You should try to be considerate and understanding of constraints, especially if it’s a short flight.

Barefoot Passengers

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Try to avoid taking off your shoes and being barefoot on the plane. This is supported by Fodors, which writes, “Going barefoot on a plane is a no-no. Especially if you go to the bathroom barefoot—yikes.” Being barefoot on a plane creates many hygiene issues, so it’s best to keep shoes on.

Not Removing Headphones

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Not removing your headphones when trying to speak to a crew member can create a communication barrier. Try to show respect and attentiveness when talking to a flight attendant. You should also always remove your headphones if the crew asks you to, as they may have something important to say.

Boarding Etiquette Violations

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There is etiquette when boarding the plane that you should try to adhere to. Violations of this include refusing to sit in your assigned seat and not storing your bag correctly, and then expecting the crew to store it. You can cause delays, as other passengers can’t get to their seats.

Alcohol Consumption Issues

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The Institute of Alcohol Studies writes, “Drunk airline passengers can be disruptive to other travelers and, in the worst instances, a safety threat.” Flight attendants can find it challenging to deal with drunk passengers. It also has an impact on the comfort and safety of everyone on board.

Eating Observers

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Flight attendants can find it uncomfortable when they’re trying to eat but can feel someone watching them. Try to respect the cabin crew’s privacy when they’re eating. Just like anyone else working a job, they need breaks and lunches, so be mindful of this when you see them eating.

Coughing and Breathing on Crew

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There are health risks and discomfort that come from coughing or breathing on crew. It’s disrespectful, and you should avoid doing it at all costs. It’s important to stay hygienic if you aren’t feeling well, have an adequate supply of tissues, or wear a mask.

Delaying Flight with Slow Disembarkation

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Taking too long to gather your personal belongings and exit the plane can cause many other passengers to become annoyed. Also, the crew wants you to leave as quickly as you can so they can organize the plane for the next flight. Try to be prompt when getting off the plane.

Theft of Airplane Items

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Many passengers take items like blankets and headphones, but the cost of replacing these can soon become hefty. For example, the Sydney Morning Herald writes, “Even if only a small number of these items are taken off each flight, that can quickly add up to millions of dollars.”

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