How to Use Bing Rewards

For nearly a year I’ve been using Bing Rewards. It’s a system for getting rewards by using the Bing search engine by Microsoft. Since about 65% of internet searches are done through Google, Bing needs your help. They need use to change your habits. The Bing Rewards program aims to entice you to at least give Bing a try. They want you to go from saying “I’ll just Google it” to “I’ll just Bing it.” Once I was in a meeting at the Microsoft R&D labs. I said I would ‘Google’ a topic I had a question about. They weren’t pleased.

They need people like you and I to convert so badly they are willing to pay for each search we perform (up to 20 searches/day). You only get paid about $5 a month but it equals about $300/hour. Yes, it only takes about 1 minute. I’m not joking. And consider this, it covers the majority of your Netflix budget for the month.


How Does Bing Rewards (Microsoft) Pay Me?

With gift cards! You have a large selection of gift cards to choose from. Everything from Amazon to Dominos.

bing rewards
My email showing the Amazon gift cards I’ve received.

How Do I Participate in Bing Rewards?

  1. Signup
  2. Each day, you can complete about 20 searches for credit
  3. Check on the top navigation bar for daily bonus searches
  4. One you hit enough points, redeem your gift card
  5. Repeat the process. Pretty soon you level up and it takes fewer searches to claim gift cards


It’s Very Easy

As I’ve said, you only get about $5/month using this system. But it’s ridiculously simple. One of the first things I do each day is complete my daily 20 searches. Hint: If you’re just searching for the points, use the ‘related searches’ sidebar. You can keep clicking through these topics.

use bing rewards for $5 per month. very easy bing rewards microsoft.


If you read the news, you can literally get paid to read the news. On the Bing homepage, there’s a news ticker on the bottom. Each story you read goes towards your daily points.

Note: DO NOT try to create multiple accounts. It doesn’t matter if you scramble your MAC address, reset your IP, change your phone number, name, or email… there’s no way for you to run multiple accounts. It just doesn’t work. Trust me. There’s a reason why those emails say, “Hello, Adam.


Other Reasons to Use Microsoft’s Bing Rewards

Google has a monopoly on internet searches. If there’s one I know about economics (besides supply/demand haha), it’s that monopolies come at a disadvantage to the consumer. By supporting Bing, you’re edging away at Google’s overlord rule of the internet.

Also, if you need to complete your daily Bing searches and start searching random things – you’re expanding your mind. There are things I’ve learned in the past year that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been using Bing Rewards.

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