What Should You Get the Other Mothers in Your Life?

This year Mother’s Day spending will reach an estimated $23.6 billion. Although the strength of the economy is a key driver of this spending, another factor includes people buying gifts for all of the other mothers in their lives — not just their own mother.

Stepmoms plus other relatives and friends who are mothers deserve a nod on Mother’s Day too. So, what do you get the other moms in your life?

Witty Mugs

There are thousands of witty mugs out there, and if any of the mothers you are shopping for like coffee or tea, this is a good gift category.

You just might make her day if you give her this “Best Bonus Mom Ever” mug from Amazon. It’s just $13.99 and ships for free with Amazon Prime.

If you want to add to the gift, you can fill the mug with her favorite candy or specialty coffee beans.


If the mom you’re shopping for doesn’t need another mug, consider the other things she likes — and find a version that’s personalized with her name or a special saying.

A cute example is this wooden cutting board that you can customize with a special message dedicated just to her — that gives you room to spell out whatever your relationship might be.

Right now, Amazon has it on sale for $26.55, plus $9.20 shipping.

Etched Jewelry

Etched jewelry can serve as a reminder of how much one of the mothers in your life means to you.

The necklace to the left is only $12.49 on Amazon but could be cherished for years to come.


Gift Baskets

Gift baskets come in so many varieties that if you look around enough you’ll eventually find one that suits the other mother(s) in your life.

If she likes chocolate, consider getting a chocolate assortment — like the chocolate, caramel and crunch grand gift basket shown to the left; priced at just $39.95 on Amazon, it also includes two kinds of caramel corn and peanut brittle.




Florists do a lot of business on Mother’s Day — and one thing that’s even nicer than a floral arrangement is a plant that will stick around long after cut flowers would have wilted.

One popular plant among Mother’s Day shoppers on Amazon right now is the Satsuki Azalea bonsai. It’s easy to maintain, has beautiful pink flowers and doesn’t take up much space.

Plus you can choose between small, medium and large sizes — ranging from $29.99 to $78 — to fit your budget and the gift recipient’s home space.


Lastly, the biggest gift you can give your stepmom or any other mother in your life is acknowledgment.

Showing her appreciation and letting her know that you see the effort she has put into being in your life will make her feel special, even if you can only budget for a card.

Speaking of cards, there’s a whole spectrum of possibilities — from the ones you make yourself to the kind you buy, which can even have bling on them. An example is the rhinestone-trimmed one shown to the left, which costs $8.97 on Amazon.

Gift-giving isn’t as much of a tradition on Mother’s Day like it is on other holidays, so you shouldn’t feel obligated to bestow anything upon any of the mothers in your life. However, this little bit of effort can really make your recipients’ day.

Readers, what are you doing to honor the other mothers in your life this coming Sunday? What kinds of gifts are you giving for Mother’s Day?

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