Why Do You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

There are a lot of reasons why someone would think that they don’t need a criminal defense attorney. Unfortunately, many of those reasons are based on myths and not on reality. Here are some things to deeply think about before ever going to court without a lawyer.

Vast Legal Knowledge Comes In Handy

Practically all lawyers have studied case law, or the history of cases and how they have affected the laws we have today. They know what arguments worked when, in what sociopolitical climate, and before major historical events. They’ve not only studied the outcomes of various causes, but why. The judge you go before has also seen and heard all of the same things. So if you do not have the vast knowledge base and experience that they have, then your argument not only won’t hold up in court but could get you a harsher consequence than you wanted. And your experience in court will be a bewildering, uncomfortable one. The truth is that the law is not easy, and it is practiced by people very passionate about it.

Your Attorney Can Argue For a Better Deal

Because of their vast knowledge, they will be able to use it to negotiate a better deal, such as a lowering of the severity of the charge. Sometimes they are even able to eliminate it. A great attorney fights for you.

Professional Memberships Encourage Education

Often those who are looking for legal counsel will research the educational background of an attorney, as well as whether or not they’re a member of the Bar Association. But professional memberships can also mean that an attorney is receiving continuous education in a field, especially if the laws are changing or are likely to be affected by politics or culture. While these tend to be cases that are at the Supreme Court level, there might be local laws that are affected by activist groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or state laws that are enacted after a tragic event. You may be able to recall hearing on the news about how the tragic death of a child led to a change in legislation, and that the bill was even named after the victim. Laws can change often, and a dedicated attorney stays up-to-date with what is happening in the field they practice, and what defense arguments are stronger or ineffective because of those changes.

Not As Seen On TV

Most cases aren’t the high profile ones you see in television. Most courtrooms may actually seem boring to people. Therefore, you don’t want to rely on any sort of confidence one might derive from having watched a lot of procedural shows or even reality court TV shows. It is a very unwise idea to consider these sufficient to handle a case, no matter how minor you may think it is.

Motions to Suppress Illegal Evidence

Maybe they think they have sufficient evidence, but may not be aware that it is insufficient in the eyes of the law. Additionally, an attorney will have additional means to acquire the necessary documentation, statements, and witnesses to help you win your case.


Going into court without a qualified and experienced attorney is unwise. Instead of going down a risky road, call the lawyers at Cole Paschall Law Office to learn more.