17 Actions That Show What Someone Is Really Like

There are certain actions that characterize a person and let people know what they are really like. In this article, you’ll see 17 of those actions and find out how they define someone.


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According to a study by the University of Massachusetts, says Golden Steps ABA, 60% of people can’t go 10 minutes without lying. A person who lies a lot shows that they are selfish and are willing to say whatever they need to get what they want.


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Michigan State University says that it really does take more muscles to frown—about 47 of them. And for smiling, we only use about 13. A person who smiles draws other people to them and makes them feel relaxed. A sincere smile can make someone feel more inclined to talk.


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DoSomething.org says that the most commonly reported type of bullying is verbal harassment (79%). Bullying is a very unpleasant action that will make others feel very uncomfortable in the bully’s presence. Bullies are really cowards and pick on others to make themselves feel better.


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The statistics from Pressbooks Create say that we may spend as much as 70–80% of our day in some type of communicative act, and research specifically shows that adults spend about 45–55% of their day listening. When someone listens attentively to what we say, we feel more inclined to open up.


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Gossip is a destructive action that makes people lose trust in the gossipers. Hurtful gossip puts the subject’s reputation at risk and could permanently damage it. But this kind of gossip also puts the gossiper’s reputation on the line, as others will lose respect for the person.


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Psychology Today says that forgiveness encourages compassion, a quality that is so important for us to develop. A person who forgives their neighbor will be known as kind and goodhearted. A person who holds grudges, on the other hand, will draw people away from them.


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Stealing, even something small, is an action that most people will frown upon. It goes against moral standards and downplays the hard work of others. People who steal think that others owe them a favor and aren’t interested in how their actions can have serious consequences.


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Medium says that sharing makes us feel like we are a part of something greater than just ourselves. When someone shares, they help others, and they feel a type of satisfaction and inner joy that they could not get otherwise. Sharing means showing care and kindness to others.


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People who interrupt conversations are seen as rude. A person who interrupts thinks that what they’re going to say is more important than the current conversation, which is why they interrupt. These kinds of people do not consider others to be important, so they cut them off.


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Giving is an action that comes from the generosity of the heart. Giving of our time, money, or resources is a great way for us to give back to the community or to those whom we love. Those who give often are known as generous people, and others are drawn to them.


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People boast because they think that they’re more important than others. They voice their high opinion of themselves to make others feel the same way about them. To take their boasting further, they may take credit for what someone else has done or belittle their efforts.


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Helping someone in need is another great action that people love. Everyone wants to be friends with the kind of person who will be there to lend you a hand when you need it. Helping strangers and those close to you is a good way to show the depth of your kindness.


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Flirting with someone who is not your partner is an action that most will frown upon. Society sees flirts as easy people who are willing to do whatever they want to get what they want. They are seen as people with no boundaries who can’t be trusted.


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Forgiving is one thing, but trying to forget how someone has wronged you is another. A person who can forget an offense that was done to them is a happier person, as they can move forward. Forgetting helps them turn a new page and restore friendships.

Behavior in Public

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How someone behaves in public versus how they behave when they’re on their own with their family says a lot about their character. If there are some inconsistencies in the way they treat their family in and out of the public eye, then this shows that they’re two-faced and insincere.

Response to Emergencies

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How a person responds during emergency situations says a lot about them. It could reveal, for example, that the person is responsible and calm if they face crisis situations in a composed manner. Those who blame others, get carried away, and panic, however, aren’t responsible.

Handle Authority

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How a person handles positions of authority can tell you a lot about their character. If they’re power-hungry and the authoritative position goes to their head, they may be a selfish person who likes to bully others, tell them what to do, and be number one.

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