18 Behaviors That Probably Annoy Everyone Around You

Ever wondered why people seem to be giving you the side-eye or are often sighing heavily in your presence? It may just be one of these 18 cringe-worthy habits! From loud gum-chomping to talking during movies, dive into the behaviors that secretly infuriate everyone around you.


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If you’ve never heard of uptalking, it may be a behavior that you’re unknowingly partaking in. Uptalking is the trend of ending statements with a question-like inflection and can be perceived as a lack of confidence or assertiveness. This way of talking is increasingly common in various English-speaking regions​ but can frustrate those around you.

Spitting in Public

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There was once a time when public spitting was considered relatively socially acceptable. As shared by Vice, “In the 19th century, the spittoon—literally a bowl for depositing long strings of dribble—was a common feature in pubs, brothels, saloons, hotels, stores, banks and railway carriages.” Now, however, it’s considered culturally inappropriate and unhygienic and is generally viewed as a disrespectful habit​.

Chewing Gum Loudly

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The smacking noise of someone chewing gum with their mouth open can be incredibly irritating, especially to those with misophonia. Gum-popping sounds can also be perceived as intrusive in public. To avoid annoying those around you, follow proper gum etiquette: discreet chewing​ with your mouth closed.

Nail Biting

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Though this is often more of a personal problem, typically a response to stress or boredom, nail biting is a behavior that can annoy others, especially when done publicly. According to UCLA Health, 30% of the population bites their nails. It is, however, seen as an unhygienic and destructive habit and has negative perceptions despite its common occurrence​.

Talking During Movies

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There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to focus on a movie only to be constantly distracted by someone yapping away in the background. Talking during a movie disrupts the viewing experience for others and is considered rude in a shared public space. It impacts the enjoyment of the film for fellow audience members​ and is sure to annoy them.

Overloading Express Checkout Lines

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Express checkout lines were made to give customers a quicker experience, typically having a 10-item or less rule. Ignoring set item limits in express checkout lanes causes delays and frustration for others in line, along with showing your lack of respect for the rules. It’s viewed as inconsiderate of posted store policies​.

Taking Phone Calls at the Gym

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This may not be the most annoying behavior on this list, but it’s one that irks a lot of people. Speaking loudly on the phone at the gym can be disruptive to others seeking a meditative space and is seen as lacking awareness of gym etiquette. This behavior can affect the gym environment negatively​.

Not Replacing the Toilet Paper Roll

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Finishing the toilet paper and then forgetting (or not bothering) to replace it is sure to annoy those around you. Replacing it is seen as a basic courtesy that’s often overlooked and is incredibly frustrating for the next person using the restroom. This behavior reflects on your personal responsibility and consideration​ for others.

Humming Along With Songs in Public

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This may be an innocent behavior, one that you might not even realize you’re doing, but humming in public can be distracting and annoying to others. It imposes your personal music preferences in shared spaces and is seen as a lack of awareness of one’s surroundings​.

Late RSVPs

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If someone has been kind enough to invite you to an event and is waiting for your response, a late RSVP can be perceived as a lack of respect for the host’s efforts. It can also be disruptive to the event planning and hosting process and can lead to you being excluded from future invitations​.

Leaving the Toilet Seat Up

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As stated in Metro, “​​Not only is lowering the seat common courtesy and prevents the person following you into the loo from touching the seat, but it’s more sanitary.” Leaving the seat up is often viewed as inconsiderate, especially in shared bathrooms. This behavior causes inconvenience and potential accidents.

Stopping Suddenly While Walking

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You may not notice it if you’re doing it yourself, but stopping suddenly while walking, especially in crowded areas, can cause inconvenience or accidents for those behind you. This behavior is viewed as a lack of spatial awareness and can be very annoying. It’s important to be mindful of your surroundings when in public​.

Picking Food From Teeth in Public

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Picking food out of your teeth in public can be seen as unsightly and impolite, and it can be uncomfortable for others to witness. If done repeatedly, it can annoy those around you. Instead, Good Housekeeping suggests politely excusing yourself to go to the bathroom to remove the food in private.

Playing Music Loudly Through Headphones

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This can be incredibly annoying for other people who are trying to enjoy some peace and quiet or focus on something. Loud music blaring through headphones disturbs others nearby and reflects a lack of consideration for public etiquette. It’s important to be mindful of volume in shared spaces​.

Sniffing Loudly Instead of Blowing Your Nose

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Repeated sniffs may seem less disruptive than noisily blowing your nose, but in actuality, this can be more irritating than just solving the problem discreetly. Sniffing is often perceived as a lack of basic hygiene etiquette and can grate on those around you.

Hogging Both Armrests

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Using more than one armrest in shared seating areas like planes or movie theaters can be seen as selfish and may frustrate those around you. This behavior reflects a lack of consideration for other people’s comfort. Sharing space is key in public seating arrangements​.

Eating Loudly

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As shared by TimeOut, it’s been scientifically proven that eating with your mouth open is a habit that absolutely infuriates people. This behavior can be incredibly disturbing to others, especially in quiet environments, and reflects on your awareness of social dining etiquette.

Not Cleaning Up After Yourself

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Leaving messes in shared spaces is seen as inconsiderate, and repeated offenses can be really annoying. Not cleaning up after yourself reflects poorly on your personal habits and respect for others. It’s important to maintain cleanliness in communal areas​.

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