The End of QE, Yea! Wait What is QE Anyway?

What is QE, financial turmoil
We wonder why this country is in such financial turmoil!  This article illustrates, better than most, that the U.S’s economic woes are not even comprehended by a large portion of the population.  I believe this is by design, because, an informed public would make it monumentally more difficult for the puppet masters in Washington to run this country into the ground.  An uninformed public...
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Do You Know Your Real Hourly Wage?

Real Hourly Wage, spend time with family
How much is your time worth? It’s a hard question to answer with a definitive number, so here’s a different way of looking at it: How much money would you pay for an extra hour in your life each day? $20? $50? $100? It probably depends on the day – and how little or how much you’re enjoying your freedom. Even if you can’t answer that question on a personal level, you can take one look at...
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Twitter IPO, Don’t Fall For It, Man!

Twitter IPO, investment
Let me start out by saying, I am a huge fan of Twitter and an even bigger fan of Jack Dorsey, it’s co-founder.  You see, Jack is actually from St. Louis, Missouri, where I grew up, he went to a high school which I am very familiar with, and he is wonderfully brilliant and talented.  He’s a true Renaissance Man, with a vision I believe will take the internet to places far beyond where...
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