How to Easily Establish Credit

credit score, credit tips, establishing good credit
Having a credit score is useful for a variety of reasons. First, it makes it easier to get a loan. Sure, you can get a mortgage without a credit score. But it’ll be very expensive and it’ll be quite a hassle. That’s why buying via credit is much, much easier.   But you probably know that. What you may not know is that it’s pretty easy to establish credit. Let’s get to it.   Let’s...
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How to Enjoy Renting Instead of Buying a Home

renting vs buying, renting a home vs buying a home, renting
I think it’s only natural to want to buy a home instead of rent. But the 2008 housing crisis is still a tender subject. For many people, they either aren’t in a position to buy a home – or they are really wondering whether or not it’s a good idea.   Most of these concerns are there for good reason. So instead of pushing yourself into home ownership, consider embrace the lifestyle of...
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10 Things to Buy That’ll Save Money on a Daily Basis

save money daily, things to buy to save money, saving money tips
Frugality isn’t the absence of spending money. It’s the ability to spend money in the wisest ways. That said, a frugal person can spend lots of money. The following post describes 10 things you can buy that save you money on a daily basis.  This is how to save money on a daily basis:   1. A Reusable Water Bottle   Having a reusable water bottle means no more buying expensive drinks when...
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Small Habits That Really Add Up!

small habits, frugal ways to save, save money in the long run
The major areas of personal finance are all pretty obvious: earn, save, invest. While these topics may be hard to enact, we all know what needs to be done – more or less. But what about the areas of personal finance that aren’t so obvious? What are the daily habits we do that cost money without us even realizing? That’s what I will explore in this post. I’ll list out the many daily habits...
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Choosing Your Financial Oasis

financial oasis, financial tips, financial advice
It’s 2016 and there are more remote employees and freelancers than ever. Are you one of them? Even if you’re not, would you consider relocating?   We all want to be rich. Even someone like myself. I have few material wants but having the power to control a good portion of money is enticing.   In order to get rich, we must optimize pretty much every area of our lives. Being rich is a lifestyle....
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