Five Marketing Tactics To Promote Your New Accounting Firm

Marketing team brainstorming tactics
Marketing team brainstorming tactics

You have finally established the accounting firms of your dreams and are ready to work with important clients. But it’s very soon that you realize how difficult it is to bring your business to the limelight and eventually get clients. That’s because there are numerous such accounting firms like  you, who are striving to get the same clients that you are after. What can separate you from your contemporaries, in this case, is a well planned and long-term based marketing strategy. Something that can create sufficient engagement for your target customers and keep them coming back to you in the future. Let’s look at a few marketing tactics that are ideal for a new accounting firm:

Creating your Brand Identity

This is something that might not bring you instant results but would be of really high value in the long run. Other than having a unique logo and a tagline, there is something that you explicitly need to communicate to your target audience. This includes those services you are particularly good at, and what extra value can you provide that your contemporaries can’t. You can always add this kind of information on your websites, business cards, brochures, etc. This repetitive exposure would gradually make your customers resonate your brand with those particular services, and consider your brand to be the best and the most trustworthy provider of that service.

Defining your target audience

It’s really necessary that you clearly define the spectrum of customers that you are specifically catering to. An accounting firm can have a multitude of different clients. For example, a firm can operate on a B2C basis and target individual working corporates, or on a B2B basis where they can have organizations as their clients. Some B2B firms also provide business services specifically catered to organizations that belong to a certain industry, for example e-commerce. So why is an exact definition of your target audience so important? That’s because you need to choose your marketing methodologies, namely the budget and channels, in accordance with your target audience, in a manner that they can provide the maximum value to them. For example, a B2B client of yours may be more interested in the number of augmented services you are providing other than the main service. This is in contrary to an individual corporate worker who may be more interested in the concessions that you are providing for a particular service.

Using Social Media

Majority of your clients are on social media nowadays. However, with numerous social media options to choose from, you should make a wise choice as to which ones suit the best for you. Generally, an accounting firm should be highly active on two of the following platforms.


Definitely the most useful social media platforms for professionals. Other than connecting with your clients, you can open your own accounting  group and join other groups. This will help you in building a community of interested followers.


This is a platform that is known for the highly effective community-building opportunities that it provides for businesses community building.  You can either create a group/page and keep posting relevant content for your target audience, or hold regular discussions regarding your firm or the accounting industry.


Reddit is known as “The Front Page Of The Internet”, for good reason.  It has a massive amount of traffic – and according to internet rating service AhRefs, has approximately 1.61 domains referring to it.  So, the site is an excellent resource for all sorts of marketers.   However, redditors have a reputation for being a “tough crowd”, so you may want to hire some expert help if you’re thinking about marketing on reddit.  I recommend, they have a very good reddit upvoting service.


Blogging is undoubtedly one of the most effective and pocket-friendly ways to bring traffic to your website. Where blogging beats social media is when it comes to attracting leads that are genuinely interested in your services rather than generic ones. However, you should make sure that your blog is bereft of any blatant promotions regarding your firm or your services.  Create insightful blogs on accounting that can provide a new perspective/ knowledge to your target customer and add links to your company website.

A good example would to write about the best Accounting Software that is available in the market as of now.

You can also repurpose your blogs into videos and infographics to increase engagement among your target audience. If you want to target high numbers of quality traffic with a single piece of content, then you should aim for famous and high domain authority websites and try to put your content into one of them.

E-mail marketing

Lead Nurturing is the primary function that e-mail marketing performs when it comes to Accounting service firms. There are quite a few ways in which you can target your existing clients through e-mails:

Informational e-mails

This can include weekly newsletters regarding various news and developments in the accounting world. It’s important to ensure that the content that you are sending is of relevance to the viewer, or gradually they would label your content as spam.

Reminder e-mails

This involves sending e-mails informing your clients about key deadlines.

Occasion based e-mail

These e-mails are catered towards creating a personal and emotional relationship with your clients.

They generally include congratulatory e-mails sent to your clients on birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Wrapping Up…

Those were some tactics that you should positively employ in your own marketing strategy. It’s obvious that you won’t see any significant improvements at first as delayed results are something that is an inherent part of all marketing operations. Therefore you need to keep going on with these tactics over a certain period of time to see visible results finally.

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