5 Things to Budget for Your Patio Build

You’ve got a dream of a patio that extends your home, where you can kick back, bask in the sunshine, and entertain friends. But before you dive headfirst into building this backyard oasis, it’s crucial to think about the financial aspect. So first, you need to consider the various aspects you must have the money for when planning your patio build.

1. The Power of People

It’s important to appreciate the vastness of the deck and patio construction industry. Remarkably, the deck and patio industry employs an estimated 129,518 people across the United States. Why does this matter? Because it’s proof of the expertise and diversity of skilled professionals available to you.

And that means you have a wealth of choices when hiring a team. But remember, labor isn’t cheap. The cost of skilled workers forms a significant chunk of your budget. So, carefully assess the bids from different contractors and ensure you get the best value for your money.

2. Purpose of the Patio

Next, consider why you’re building a patio. According to PR Newswire, 74% of Americans use their patios to relax, while 58% use them to socialize with friends, family, and people they care about. Is your purpose aligned with these statistics? Or do you have a unique vision for your patio? Your answer will significantly impact your budget.

If your focus is relaxation, you might want to invest in comfy lounge chairs, a hammock, or even a hot tub. Conversely, if your patio is primed for socializing, you’ll want to budget for a larger dining set, an outdoor kitchen, or even a fire pit. So, consider the purpose of your patio and the furniture and accessories required to fulfill it.

3. Painting and Sealing Costs

One component that often slips under the radar when budgeting for a patio build is the cost of painting or sealing. This is an essential step to prolong the life of your patio, protecting it from weather damage and wear and tear. But this isn’t just about the cost of the paint or sealant itself.

For instance, did you know that air pressure is a factor to consider when applying paint or sealant? Dispense valves often require air pressure of 70-80 psi at minimum to function properly. So you may need to budget for a suitable compressor, especially if you’re planning on a DIY paint job. If you choose to hire professionals for this task, this cost will be factored into their fee.

4. Material Choices

The choice of materials significantly impacts the overall cost of your patio build. Are you envisioning a wooden deck, a stone patio, or a concrete slab? Each material has its own price point and associated installation costs. Additionally, different materials require different levels of maintenance, which will affect your long-term budget.

For instance, a wooden deck might need regular sealing to prevent rot. On the other hand, a stone patio could require re-sanding over time. Take the time to understand the life expectancy, maintenance needs, and cost of your chosen material before making a final decision.

5. Lighting and Landscaping

Last but not least, don’t forget about lighting and landscaping as part of the finance requirement. These elements can often be an afterthought but can dramatically enhance the ambiance of your patio. Lighting sets the mood for evening gatherings and adds an element of safety.

Landscaping, on the other hand, can transform your patio into a serene oasis, complete with blooming flowers, lush plants, or even a water feature. These additions can quickly add up. Make sure to factor them into your initial budget to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

As you embark on your patio-building journey, remember that a successful project isn’t just about finding the perfect design or the most comfortable furniture. It’s about thoughtful budgeting and meticulous planning. From appreciating the labor market’s breadth to recognizing the various reasons we adore our patios, to understanding the technicalities of paint and sealant application, every detail counts.