5 Ways to Maximize Your Discount

Are you looking for the best way to avoid paying full-price? Then getting discounts is the solution you are looking for. Some people believe that discounts are seasonal and they can only maximize on them during specific times of the year, but this is not the case because you can use some ideas to pay less any time.

Here are five ideas that will help you to maximize your discount to pay less:

1. Set Aside a card For Daily Purchases

For your everyday purchases, you need to identify a cash back card. You can choose from different banks depending on the one you prefer. Make sure to choose a card that pays not less than 1.5% of each purchase. There are card issuers like Discover and Capital One that offer higher paying options.

2. Consider a Specialty Card

Besides your everyday card, you should also consider getting a specialty card for travel and restaurant purchases. Cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve will pay you 3x points in restaurant and travel categories. Using the card for travel you can earn up to 50% bonus, which raises the total reward to 4.5x. While looking for a specialty card, it’s advisable to settle for those that pay more than 2% in at least one category in which you spend a lot of money. In fact, you can use up to three cards that offer cash back in several categories that pay more than 2%. The idea of juggling several cards lets you maximize on the categories you shop at regularly.

3. Use multiple Coupon Codes

While buying online, you should check if the retailer allows multiple discount codes. If this is possible at checkout, you can get the codes on platforms like Groupon then apply them on the products you have purchased. A store like Target offers a number of coupon codes that you can redeem to save some amount while purchasing. It is even better if you are paying for a product that is priced high because the discount would amount to a sizeable amount.

4. Sign Up for Email Alerts

Many companies send coupons to people who are signed up for their newsletter in a bid to convert them to customers. You should identify several major stores, then sign up to their email list so when there are discounts you are alerted to make a purchase. You can do this with several stores to compare prices.

5. Leave Good On Your Card For Days

Another trick that works that will give you discounts is leaving items in the cart. Many online stores track activity of users and when you abandon a card they will follow up with persuasive offers to make you complete the purchase. Most of them will give you a discount as high as 30%, so try it in different stores to see if any of them will respond within a week.

Buying items do not have to always cost you a lot. There are many ways you can bring the cost down and one of the ideas is to look for discounts. Using your card for purchases with cash back will help you to save, and you can also go hunting for discount codes on sites like Groupon.