18 Things You’ll Regret Getting Rid of When Moving

Moving is well known to be one of the most stressful life events. In the whirlwind of packing, sorting, and finding space for everything, it can be tempting to throw away certain items that don’t appear to have any immediate use or are difficult to transport. But be warned! You might regret tossing these 18 things once you’ve settled into your new home.

Childhood Photos and Artwork

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Those faded photo albums and messy masterpieces might seem like hard-to-sort clutter at the moment, but they’re priceless memories of a time you will never get back. Avoid throwing them out, whether the child is you or your own offspring. Instead, consider digitizing them by taking photographs and uploading them to cloud storage or creating a designated memory box.

Old Letters and Cards

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With digital communication and online cards taking over, handwritten letters and greeting cards can seem like irrelevant relics! However, Memoir Helper warns against chucking them out unless they’re meaningless. Hold onto correspondence from deceased loved ones, children, or other close relatives, and any that evokes happy memories or romance.

School Yearbooks and Diplomas

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While your past educational journey might not be relevant to your current life, yearbooks and diplomas represent significant milestones. You may regret throwing them out when feeling nostalgic about old friendships, achievements, or youthful experiences that shaped you during your formative years. Consider storing them with other keepsakes and photo albums.

Old But Beloved Clothing

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We all have those articles of clothing that we don’t wear but hold significant sentimental value because of where they came from, who made them for us, or what we were doing when we last wore them. Keep hold of these select, cherished garments, but turn any meaningless, worn-out clothing into cleaning rags.

Old Toys and Games

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Decluttering a kid’s room is often necessary, but don’t dispose of every toy and game, even those they’ve grown out of. Such familiar possessions may help them transition into their new home and can be a source of entertainment for younger siblings or visitors. Never throw away soft toys or dolls your child was especially fond of, as it could be traumatic.

Handmade Gifts

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The Non-Consumer Advocate says gifts crafted with love or personalized with a special message hold a deeper meaning than store-bought items and should, therefore, have a greater inherent value. Avoid throwing away things like hand-knitted baby items, which can serve as unique and precious keepsakes that can even be passed down to grandchildren.

Warranty Manuals and Receipts

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The optimists among us are often guilty of throwing away instruction manuals and warranties for familiar appliances that appear to work flawlessly and are easy to operate. But don’t be too hasty! These documents can save you time, money, and stress if you need to reinstall an appliance, troubleshoot problems, or fix faulty items—all increasingly likely after moving into a new house.

House Plants

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Plants might not be the easiest items to move, but carefully relocating them can be very beneficial. Not only are they living things that deserve to be cared for, but they’ll add beauty and greenery to your new space. Caring for them is also a therapeutic activity that can help you de-stress after a hectic move!

Favorite Recipes and Cookbooks

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While these can be potentially digitized, don’t underestimate the value of a physical cookbook—particularly if it contains traditional recipes that can be a source of comfort during times of change. Recreating beloved meals can help the whole family feel secure and established in your new home, especially children, who may crave the familiarity of well-known flavors.

Local Maps and Guidebooks

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Modern GPS navigation and apps like Google Maps can make paper maps and guidebooks seem superfluous and clumsy, but they can hold fascinating facts about the past and hidden gems. This can act as treasured memories of your old home and neighborhood or remain useful if you aren’t moving far.

Outdoor Gear

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Even if you’re moving to a place without a yard, you may regret getting rid of your gardening tools, outdoor furniture, bikes, camping equipment, or sports gear. Homes and balconies can become oases for all sorts of plants, adding a touch of nature even in urban settings. Activity equipment is also important to keep you active and connected with the outdoors.

Holiday Decorations

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According to Moving.com, a house move often coincides with major holidays, which can make festive decorating a challenge. Your new home won’t feel welcoming if it’s undecorated, even if the holiday season is months away, so don’t forget to pack your Christmas décor. Familiar ornaments and wreaths are vital to making a new house feel like home.

Tools and Hardware

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Even if you’re downsizing to an apartment, a basic toolbox can be a lifesaver and should not be discarded. Simple tools like screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, and a level are always useful items to have and great for lending to new neighbors (and making friends in the process!).

Consider consolidating them into a compact toolbox that is easily stored.

Outgrown Children’s Clothes

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If you’re planning on having children (or additional children) or have younger relatives, don’t rush to discard outgrown baby clothes, toys, or gear. Alpha Mom says many items don’t get much use and are great to reuse or pass down. Babies and toddlers don’t care about fashion trends, so the next generation will love anything practical and comfortable.

Nuts and Bolts Leftovers

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We all have a seemingly limitless accumulation of leftover nuts, bolts, screws, and nails from various DIY projects around the house. While they might seem useless, they’re vital for minor home repairs and furniture fixes, especially after moving, when a new property might need attention and furniture may have to be reassembled after being transported.

The “Just in Case” Box

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Do you have that one drawer or box filled with miscellaneous odds and ends? It can seem messy and pointless, but it often holds hidden gems that will undoubtedly come in handy in your new home. Unique items like extra buttons for a favorite coat, phone chargers for older devices, or travel adapters can be helpful, so think carefully before chucking them out.

Old Address Books and Contact Lists

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Physical address books and contact lists are becoming outdated, but don’t throw them away without transferring all the information to a safe and secure digital storage option. It can be a shame to lose the contact details of long-lost relatives, old school friends, and past colleagues, so don’t throw such things away thoughtlessly.

Mementos and Souvenirs

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Having a horde of meaningless junk collecting dust isn’t recommended and certainly doesn’t need to be transferred to your new home, but don’t throw away every keepsake or souvenir. Travel mementos like postcards, fridge magnets, and artwork can hold cherished memories, and displaying them in your new home can make it feel comfortingly personal and familiar.

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