19 American Things That Are Very Popular In Japan

Cultural exchange is a two-way street. We always seem to talk about all the great things Japan has given us, but what about the other way around? Well, here are 19 American items that the Japanese cannot stop raving about.

Jazz Music

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American jazz has really struck a chord with the Japanese. Jazz bars and cafes can be found tucked away in Japan’s busiest cities, and so many Japanese films and TV shows have a few sax solos peppered in.

Vintage Levi’s Jeans

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The classic Americana denim has found fervent collectors in Japan. Yes, just like over here, Japanese enthusiasts hunt down vintage pairs, with the same love for Levi’s as the next American.

Disney Theme Parks

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Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are a testament to Japan’s love for all things Disney. Iconic characters, fairy tales, and the old Disney magic – Japan has embraced them with open arms.

Halloween Celebrations

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The packed streets of Tokyo really are something quite spooktacular when the season rolls around. October in Japan sees streets come alive with Halloween fervor, with costumes and parties rivaling American festivities.


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A home run in both nations! Originally an American pastime, baseball has rooted itself deeply in Japanese culture, selling out stadiums all over the country, and even getting recognition from fans on home turf!


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Not only have American burgers made a huge splash in Japan, they’ve even managed to blend seamlessly into the classical Japanese taste palette. Think wasabi mayo or teriyaki glaze; it’s familiar yet distinctly Japanese.

Gourmet Popcorn

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Guess it’s time to forget microwaved popcorn, because Japan might have just beaten us at our own game. Beyond the cinema snack, gourmet popcorn shops with myriad flavors, from savory to sweet, have popped up in Japanese cities.

American Whiskey

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Japan’s whiskey industry might be legendary, but there’s a keen interest in American bourbons and ryes. Distinct flavors and histories stand out in Japan and pique the curiosity of many.

Hip-Hop Culture

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Beyond just music, the entire hip-hop aesthetic, including fashion and dance, has been warmly received in Japan. If you love hip-hop and are lucky enough to be able to visit, you’ll find the Japanese counterpart to be a refreshing remix.


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Fluffy, stackable delights! Breakfast or dessert, the American-style pancake is a hit, often enjoyed with a range of creative toppings we might not expect over here.

Hollywood Films

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Cinemas frequently screen Hollywood blockbusters, attesting to Japan’s fascination with American storytelling and star power.


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Sweet, fried, and irresistible! Japanese outlets often introduce intriguing local flavors, making doughnuts a delectable treat.

College Style Fashion

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Varsity jackets, baseball caps, and college logos – this American university look has been adopted and styled to blend with Japanese sensibilities.

Craft Beer

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The craft beer movement, initially American, has prompted Japanese brewers to experiment and introduce their own artisanal brews. Beer lovers planning a trip to Japan, rejoice!

Western-Style BBQ

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Grilled meats, smoky flavors, and outdoor picnics – yep, the American BBQ tradition has been adopted too, especially during the summer months.

Country Music

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It’s more than just tunes; it’s the narratives. The heartfelt stories in country music have found a special place in Japanese hearts.

New York-Style Pizza

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Much like the burgers, New York Style Pizza has gotten the Japanese treatment. If you’re feeling this classic for dinner, Japan’s got you covered.

Modern Dance

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From contemporary to street styles, American dance forms captivate Japanese artists, leading to cross-cultural collaborations and performances.

Pop Art

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For the art buffs out there, Japan has taken one of the biggest movements under its wing. Warhol, Lichtenstein, and their peers have influenced Japanese artists, making pop art exhibits popular in galleries across the country.

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