Top 4 Vanity Mirrors with Lights

Handheld Hello Kitty Mirror on a base

What’s the most important object in your bathroom? Where’s the last place you look before you leave your house or your car? That’s right, your mirror. We all want to look our best when heading out into the world, and not all mirrors are the same. If you want to ensure your makeup is perfectly … Read more

The Funko Pop Craze: Are They Worth It? (Critical Financial’s Review)

Four male Funko Pops.

Funko Pops are fun, low-cost toys that kids know and love, partly because there are so many different figures—from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to Maria Carey to Anthony Edwards to Blue Beetle—that appeal to a broad audience. However, some choose to invest in Funko Pop collectibles. But are they worth collecting? History of Funko Pops … Read more

How to Start or Rebuild Retirement Savings in Your 40s

Old Person's Hands on a Keyboard

My husband and I didn’t start saving for retirement until our early 30s. We’ve had a slow start, and we’re still working hard to build our retirement. Other people wait even longer to build their retirement because they don’t have the money too spare or retirement savings is not a priority. And then there are … Read more

How to Save for and Afford Home Repairs

Plumber installing a new faucet in a bathroom sink

Too many prospective homeowners look at the price of the home and the monthly mortgage payment to determine how much house they can afford. But other expenses need to be considered, including property taxes, home maintenance, and repairs. Property taxes will vary depending on your location, but you should budget one to four percent of … Read more

3 Reasons to Keep Your Receipts

Magnifying glass over a 1040 IRS tax form.

Do you keep your receipts? For appliances and other large purchases, I keep them for approximately a month—long enough to verify I’m keeping the item and that the charge cleared my credit card. However, I recently learned a painful financial lesson that taught me that I should keep certain receipts indefinitely. 3 Reasons to Keep … Read more