How to Attract Good Tenants to Your Rental Property

Draw Good Tenants to Your Rental Property
Good tenants can make being a landlord a breeze. They pay on time, let you know promptly when something breaks, and take care of your property as if it was their own. Bad tenants, on the other hand, can make being a landlord a nightmare. They may disturb their neighbors with loud music and parties. They’re rough on the property and cause damage. They may not pay on time, and you might have to go...
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5 Tax Mistakes We Made Each Year

Tax Mistakes We Made
For the first ten years of our marriage, my husband and I filed out our taxes using a software program, which was often a frustrating experience. I’m sure we likely lost out on some of the money we could have gotten back from the government if I hadn’t done the taxes myself. Until five years ago, we typically had 5 tax mistakes we made each year. Doing Our Taxes Ourselves I know some people do...
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How to Spot and Avoid Credit Card Skimmers

Avoid Credit Card Skimmers
  Do you know how to spot and avoid credit card skimmers? These devices are responsible for a high amount of credit card and debit card fraud and identity theft. When attached to an ATM or any other card swiper device, these skimmers harvest account numbers, PINs, and other data. Many shoppers don’t know their credit card data has been compromised until it’s too late…unless they...
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Strategies to Set Up Adult Teens For Financial Success

Set Up Adult Teen for Financial Success
  When your child turns 18 and becomes an adult, that’s the perfect opportunity to spend a day or two setting him up for a bright financial future. Of course, hopefully, you’ve been teaching him financial lessons throughout his childhood. Our son will turn 18 in just a few months, and we plan to use strategies to set up adult teens for financial success. Set Up a Budget The first step is...
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4 Effective Ways to Collect Money from a Borrower

Effective Ways to Collect Money from a Borrower
When I was a college student, I shared an apartment with two graduate students. We each put one of the utilities in our names, and then we paid our roommates our portion of the utilities in their name. I left for summer break and got the last bill. I asked both roommates to pay me the $100 they each owed me. One paid; the other did not. To a broke college student, $100 is a lot! I drove the one and...
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