20 Big Dog Breeds That Make Fantastic Pets

Whether you live somewhere with lots of space or want a huge and cuddly pet, you may be considering a big dog, and there’s nothing better. They make the best pets for you and your family. Here are 20 big dog breeds that make fantastic pets.


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Newfoundlands are well-known for their sweet nature and love of swimming. This is supported by Rover, which writes, “They are among the world’s biggest dogs and are born swimmers (especially with the help of their partially webbed feet). These gentle giants respond well to kind guidance and deserve every accolade they receive for their compassionate nature.”

French Mastiff

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French Mastiffs are known for their loyalty, affection, and distinctly large heads. They tend to have a stubborn nature, which means a lot of training would be required. Before purchasing a French Mastiff, you’ll need to have a large home, as they love their exercise, and you should keep in mind that their life expectancy is only 5–8 years.


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Originating in Germany, this breed of dog is known for its gentle nature and talent for being a watchdog. They’re very large dogs, and they can reach a weight of 170 pounds and a height of 31.5 inches. Only purchase a Leonberger if you have a home with yard space, as they’ll need plenty of exercise.

Siberian Husky

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Known for its wolf-like appearance, the Siberian Husky has high energy levels and a playful demeanor. They require active families, as they love to exercise and need lots of mental stimulation. You should keep in mind that they’re heavy shedders and may not be suited to anyone with allergies.


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Canine Weekly describes Boxers as being bright, friendly, intelligent, and energetic. They were first recognized by the AKC in 1904 for being a fun and affectionate breed of dog. Since then, they’ve grown in popularity and are now a popular breed for families. However, because of their strength, you should wait for any young children to grow before owning a Boxer.


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This breed of dog originated in Germany, and they’re loved for their high energy levels and charm. They require active families due to their exercise needs and playful natures. Weimaraners are another breed best suited to families without small children due to their strength.


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Akitas are a muscular breed of dog. They’re double-coated and originally came from Japan, where they have ancient Japanese lineage. They’re known by their owners for their dignity, courage, and loyalty. Akitas are the perfect option for families that are looking for a dignified and loyal pet.

Bernese Mountain Dog

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These dogs are big and powerful, and they were originally bred for hard work. They’re also incredibly beautiful and known for their calm and affectionate nature. Families should choose a Bernese Mountain Dog if they’re after a pet with both beauty and brawn.

Great Dane

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Great Danes are instantly recognizable due to their incredibly large size and gentle nature. They’re suitable for any type of family that’s looking for a large and loving dog. This breed is known particularly well for being great with families and for being protective of their home.


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Mastiff dogs are known for their impressive size and protective instincts. For example, the American Kennel Club writes, “A massive, heavy-boned dog of courage and prodigious strength, the Mastiff is docile and dignified but also a formidable protector of those they hold dear.” However, they do require a spacious home due to their size.

Irish Wolfhound

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The Irish Wolfhound is one of the tallest breeds of dog out there. But don’t let their size deceive you into thinking they aren’t gentle-natured. Because of their size, these wolfhounds require regular exercise to maintain their health. They’re suitable for any type of family wanting a large and loving pet.

Saint Bernard

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Saint Bernards are best known for their role in Alpine rescues. This breed of dog is gentle with children, making it a great family pet. They do require plenty of grooming due to their thick fur, which is something that should be done every day.

Golden Retriever

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This breed of dog has become incredibly popular over the years. This is because they have friendly and tolerant attitudes, making them loved by many different families. They require regular exercise but love playtime with the family and are perfect for anyone looking for a loyal and affectionate pet.

Labrador Retriever

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Labradors are best known for their loving nature and high intelligence levels. This breed of dog also requires plenty of exercise, and they’ll especially love it if you let them have a swim. Labradors are best suited to active families that are seeking a versatile pet.


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Petplan writes, “They can make playful and gentle family pets and are loyal to anyone they perceive as part of their ‘pack.’” Rottweilers are incredibly loyal pets, and this is mainly due to their protective nature. They do require high amounts of training and should be socialized early on.

Alaskan Malamute

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These dogs are known for their strength and endurance and are especially suited to an owner who lives in a cold climate. Alaskan Malamutes require lots of exercise and especially enjoy outdoor activities. They’re the perfect pet for active families who enjoy going on lots of adventures.


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Originally bred for hunting, Borzois are known for both their speed and grace. Because of their hunting background, they require lots of space to run around and need regular exercise outside of the home. They’re suitable for families who appreciate elegance and athleticism.


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The Bloodhound has an incredible sense of smell and near-perfect tracking ability. They can be independent dogs, which means they may need a little longer when it comes to training, but due to their unique traits, it would be well worth the extra effort.

Doberman Pinscher

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Doberman Pinschers are a great breed to choose if you want a loyal and intelligent dog. They make exceptionally good guard dogs thanks to these traits, but they also require regular exercise and mental stimulation. This breed is suitable for families seeking a pet that is protective and loving.

German Shepherd

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Not only are German Shepherds incredibly intelligent and versatile dogs, but they’re also loyal to their owners. This is supported by The Spruce Pets, which writes, “German Shepherds are protective, loyal companions. Bred with a strong work ethic, they are among the most popular dog breeds in the United States.”

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