Boomers Retiring in These 17 Cities Are Keeping More Cash

With many cities offering a lower cost of living and cheap housing options, more and more boomers are choosing to retire in them. This is giving them more money to take part in fun activities and enjoy retirement. Here are 17 cities where boomers are keeping more cash. 

Savannah, Georgia

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Savannah is attractive to boomers thanks to its cost of living. For example, The Landings tells us the cost of living is 17% below the national average. Along with this, a large percentage of the population is also boomers, and the city has a charming historical culture.  

Renton, Washington

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If boomers want to be close to Washington but also save their cash, Renton is the perfect retirement option. It’s a suburban city that has a growing number of boomers moving to it. The city also has great standards when it comes to healthcare and lots of outdoor activities to keep boomers occupied. 

Santa Rosa, California

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Santa Rosa is considered a city of high-quality standards thanks to its vineyards and natural beauty. It’s close to San Francisco but doesn’t have the same cost of living and high real estate prices. Boomers can expect a great life in Santa Rosa thanks to its leisure activities and access to healthcare.  

Madison, Wisconsin

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Annuity writes, “Wisconsin does not tax Social Security benefits, a boon for those relying on this form of income in retirement. The state also offers generous property tax credits, ensuring your dream lakefront home doesn’t break the bank.” All these benefits make it a great city for boomers to save their hard-earned cash. 

Des Moines, Iowa

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Des Moines is considered one of the best cities to retire in thanks to its low cost of living, helping boomers keep more money in their wallets. The city has also seen large amounts of economic growth, which means if boomers want to return to employment, they can.  

Sun City Center, Florida

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This city is considered the most affordable 55-plus community in West Central Florida, thanks to its prices being well below the national average. It’s also close to Tampa, which means healthcare and leisure activities are still accessible. Boomers are also close to world-famous beaches like Sarasota. 

Green Valley, Arizona

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Green Valley is an over-55 retirement community that’s consistently ranked in the top 25 best places to retire by Forbes. It’s an affordable place for boomers to live, with a median age of 73. Boomers can expect beautiful views of the desert and lots of amenities to keep them busy.  

Manchester, New Jersey

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There’s lots to love when it comes to Manchester, thanks to its coastal living and suburban comfort. Boomers are choosing to move here because the median cost of housing is relatively low. However, it’s worth noting that cost of living prices and taxes are slightly higher. 

Raleigh, North Carolina

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This city is not only known for its low cost of living but also for its livability, wellness, and great access to medical facilities. Retirees can be kept occupied with Raleigh’s entertainment options, its historic culture, and popular farmer’s markets. The only downside to Raleigh is that it doesn’t have many geriatric units. 

Asheville, North Carolina

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Asheville boasts no income tax on social security, which makes it an affordable city for boomers to live in. It’s a great spot to retire to if you love art, as the city has an artistic feel. There are also lots of outdoor activities that keep anyone from becoming bored. Asheville is also home to the historic Biltmore House and numerous breweries. 

Sarasota, Florida

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Florida does not have a state income tax, which makes it a popular state for boomers to retire in, especially as it also has a high quality of life. Sarasota is loved for its beaches, leisure activities, and senior-friendly amenities. There’s also the Sarasota Winter Wine Festival, which is popular with boomers. 

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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This city has been voted the number one best place to retire in the country. This is supported by U.S. News, which writes, “Harrisburg topped this year’s ranking because of its health care for seniors, overall happiness of residents, and low taxes for retirees.” The city offers a mix of small-town living and big-city amenities.  

Naples, Florida

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There’s no state income tax for retirees living in Naples, which means they can afford more of a luxurious lifestyle. The city is known for having a high retiree population, which will also help to make boomers feel more comfortable. Just like Sarasota, the city is famous for its winter wine festival.

Round Rock, Texas

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Round Rock is a suburban city on the outskirts of Austin. It’s loved as a place to retire thanks to its low cost of living and high quality of life. This is largely because of its much-loved music scene, outdoor activities, and strong economy. Round Rock has many cultural attractions and is also close enough to Austin for larger amenities.

Jackson, Mississippi

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Thanks to its low cost of living, Jackson is a top choice for retirees when it comes to choosing somewhere to live. Jackson is known for its historic culture and warm southern hospitality, which give it a community-focused lifestyle. The city is also full of healthcare facilities and leisure activities tailored to retirees. 

Tucson, Arizona

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Tucson is a great city for retirees thanks to its sunny weather, desert landscape, and outdoor activities. The city is also known for its low cost of living and a strong sense of community. Boomers can expect high-quality healthcare, a relaxed lifestyle, and plenty of natural beauty. 

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs can be found at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains, which means it’s going to have some incredible views and outdoor activities. Not only this, but the city also has a cost-effective living environment and lots of support for retirees. Boomers will appreciate the city’s high number of healthcare facilities, cultural attractions, and active lifestyle.

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