17 Haircuts That Look Great on Women Over 50

Who said that once you turn 50, you have to have a boring haircut? There are plenty of great styles well-suited to older women, from the classic pixie shag cut to the long bob with bangs. In this article, we’ll uncover 17 of our favorite looks that you can try out!

Feminine Pixie Bob

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A feminine pixie bob is both low-maintenance and easy to style. The cut adds volume to thinning hair, conveniently counteracting any age-related hair changes you may be experiencing. The short length also lifts limp hair without excessive weight, so you can strut about feeling light and stylish.

Classic Pixie Shag

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More edgy than the feminine pixie bob, the classic pixie shag features a short crop that is both timeless and trendy. It’s the best of both worlds—giving you a youthful vibe with sophisticated potential for when you need to dress things up. This cut is suitable for various hair textures and face shapes.

Slightly Angled Long Bob

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As shared by Southern Living, “The long angled bob strikes a perfect balance with flattering collarbone-grazing lengths in the front and shorter nape-of-the-neck lengths in the back.” This style flatters women over 50 with a timeless appeal and can be paired with bangs for a younger look. The long, angled bob is versatile and never goes out of style.

Modern Shaggy

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We think this look is ideal for gray-haired women in their 50s and upwards into their 60s and beyond. The modern shaggy cut enhances volume in thinning hair with layers and can include wispy bangs for a youthful touch. Plus, if you’re not keen on the gray look, you can always dye it another color!

Short Cut With Side Part (For Women With Glasses)

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This is sure to flatter anyone, but in particular those who wear glasses. A short cut with a side part is super easy to wear and style daily. It’s also the perfect hairstyle for naturally wavy or curlier hair. If your hair is on the thin side, this cut even makes it appear thicker and fuller.

The Round Bob With Minimal Layers

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The Right Hairstyles says, “A rounded bob cut can look stunning whether it’s a shorter pixie bob or a longer lob length.” This look can really soften square face shapes and can also feature wispy bangs for a youthful appearance. Luckily, you’ll avoid a helmet-like appearance with minimal layers.

Medium-Length With Short Layers

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A medium-length cut with short layers incorporated is a very stylish look for those both over and below 50. The haircut works especially well for thick hair, as it allows for layers and bangs to be included. If you want to further enhance the look, why not opt for some highlights?

Sandy Blonde Bixie

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If you’ve never heard of a bixie before, don’t fret. It’s a flattering combination of the bob and pixie styles. This look helps you retain volume with short layers but is still low-maintenance and stylish for a 50-year-old woman. Of course, any color works, but we think a sandy blonde will look gorgeous!

Neck-Length Cut With a Fringe

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If you’re worried about forehead wrinkles, Vogue says, “With a fringe, you’ll never need Botox in your forehead, which might be why some women are trying it for the first time at a later stage of life.” This look complements glasses and is a safe and classic choice. A wispy fringe adds a soft touch.

Youthful Blonde Pixie With Jagged Side Bangs

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This is a razored hairstyle that rejuvenates the appearance of those over 50. You’re never too old to try out a bold new look. The cut is versatile and works well with any hair texture, softly accenting the facial features. The blonde adds the final touch!

Gray Pixie Bob

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Don’t hide that gray—show it off in style! With a gray pixie bob hairstyle, you’ll stand out from the crowd. The cut helps to build volume in thinning hair and is super easy to maintain since it’s so short. The style also consolidates hair for a thicker appearance.

Blonde Shag With Side Bangs and Dark Roots

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According to Hair Adviser, “One of 2024’s biggest hair trends is the shag haircut, a versatile style that works with virtually any hair type.” Softly layered for an easy style, the blonde color and dark roots make the look modern and cool. Trendy yet effortless, this cut is ideal for active lifestyles and suitable for women who prefer low-maintenance hair.

Bi-Level Salt-and-Pepper

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If you can’t decide on just one length, a bi-level cut is ideal. This look features silver babylights for dimension and smokey gray lowlights for contrast. It’s a bouncy cut that blends bob and mullet styles—a look that’s sure to stand out.

Long Bob With Bangs

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Elegant, versatile, and practical—a long bob with bangs is a feminine, youthful, and fashionable cut that can be styled either casually or formally depending on where you’re going. The look also suits various face shapes and hair textures. Plus, you can dye it any color you like!

Carré Cut With Scaled-Back Fringe

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K4 Fashion says, “Although some hair trends come and go, there is one look that will never be out of style: the French Carré haircut. The cropped cut can be intimidating, but it’s a classic for a reason.” This is a timeless style with a modern twist that can be styled with soft, natural waves.

Youthful Razored Pixie

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The youthful razored pixie is an excellent choice for women over 50 looking to embrace a fresher, more vibrant look. This hairstyle is adaptable to various hair textures, ensuring it suits a wide range of personal styles. And the razored layers create a dynamic texture, adding an edgy yet sophisticated touch.

Gray Blending Bob

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Embrace the elegance of aging with the gray blending bob, a hairstyle that seamlessly combines style with grace. This haircut is characterized by its clever use of silver babylights and smokey gray lowlights, creating a multi-dimensional look that’s both stylish and sophisticated. The bob itself is a timeless cut, both low maintenance and fashionable.

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