17 Household Items That Are Always Cheaper at Dollar Tree

The economy is getting tighter, and everyone is pulling back. Dollar Tree is famous for good deals, but what exactly can one get from there? In this article, we look at 17 items you should be getting at Dollar Tree to save more of your money.

Seasonal Décor

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According to the NRF, the average American can spend over $200 on Christmas decorations every year. Don’t be like the average American. Spend less for the same look by shopping at Dollar Tree for your decorations this year.

Greeting Cards

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Why spend more on greeting cards when Dollar Tree offers a wide selection for just a buck? The cards are not just cheap but also come in a variety of designs and sizes. Best of all, no one will know the difference between these and the fancy ones.

Office and School Supplies

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From school projects to office essentials, Dollar Tree has you covered at unbeatable prices. You know your kids are going to lose all the supplies in a week, so why bother with the good stuff? Even if you are shopping for yourself, you can wait for someone to buy you fancy stationery.

Party Supplies

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Throwing a party doesn’t have to break the bank with Dollar Tree’s affordable party supplies.  Research shows that balloons are some of the worst polluters since they only get used once. There is truly no point in buying expensive party supplies since you will likely be throwing them out after.

Cleaning Supplies

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Keep your home sparkling clean without spending a fortune by shopping at Dollar Tree. The store carries a variety of cleaning tools, such as brushes, wipes, and sponges. Whether you are looking for a name brand or generic make, there is an option for you.

Personal Care Items

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Maintain your daily hygiene routine for less with Dollar Tree’s selection of personal care items. You can get toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, shampoos, conditioners, and body wash all in one place. They have small sizes too, which are perfect for your trips abroad.

Kitchen Gadgets

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The CDC states that a healthy diet is key to good health, but it doesn’t come cheap. While you might need to splurge on fresh produce every now and then, you can save by getting your cooking supplies from Dollar Tree at unbelievable prices.

Picture Frames

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Display your cherished memories without overspending by choosing Dollar Tree’s picture frames. You will get to pick from a variety of sizes and styles, depending on what you are looking to frame. The frames are not just for photos; you can use them to make affordable wall art or stock photo walls.

Candles and Fragrances

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According to Airscent, good scents have a positive effect on mood, stress, and anxiety. You could pay for a $200 aromatherapy session, or you could buy a couple of candles for less than $10 and get the same effect.

Books and Puzzles

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Dollar Tree has a vast selection of adult and children’s books. The prices are great, and they also make excellent gifts for the readers in your life. The puzzles are also great for family time over the holidays or weekends when the kids finally come around.

Pet Supplies

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Dollar Tree is a great place to find things for your pets without spending too much money. They have toys, snacks, and tools to take care of them. You can also find different pet foods and accessories for many kinds of pets.

Glassware and Dishes

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At Dollar Tree, you can buy pretty and cheap cups, mugs, and plates. You can choose different styles to match, or just pick what you like. These items are good for use every day or for special times when you have guests.

Snacks and Candy

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Dollar Tree has a big choice of snacks and sweets, including well-known brands and cheaper options. This is perfect for when you’re watching movies or having a party. You and your friends can enjoy lots of yummy treats without spending too much.

Socks and Accessories

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Step up your sock game with the surprisingly stylish and affordable options at Dollar Tree. You can find all sorts of socks and accessories at Dollar Tree, whether you’re looking for something stylish or just basic.

Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags

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Dollar Tree is the perfect place to get wrapping paper and gift bags for any occasion. They have lots of designs, as well as tags and ribbons. The wrapping gets ripped anyway, so why spend more than a dollar on it?

Craft Supplies

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Dollar Tree is a treasure trove for craft enthusiasts, offering beads, yarn, fabric, crafting tools, and accessories at affordable prices. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, you’ll find the materials you need to bring your creative visions to life.


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Never run out of power again with Dollar Tree’s cost-effective battery solutions. Available in common sizes and both single-use and rechargeable options, you can ensure that your electronics are always ready to use.

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