If You Display These 18 behaviors, You’re Probably An Introvert

There are common behaviors that help to distinguish an introvert from an extrovert. Maybe you prefer your own company, you’re non-judgemental or you analyze everything. Being an introvert can be a good thing, and sometimes there’s nothing better than spending a night at home by yourself.

Prefers Solitude Over Socializing

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An introvert tends to choose quiet activities that they can usually do on their own, such as reading. For example, Psychology Today writes, “Introverts seek out and enjoy opportunities for reflection and solitude.” An introvert will avoid noisy environments or large groups of people and will feel recharged after spending some quality time on their own.

Deep Thinker

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It’s common for introverts to lose themselves in thought as they delve into self-reflection. They’ll contemplate ideas and concepts on a deeper basis than most. Sometimes, they can even lose themselves in thought and contemplation. So don’t think an introvert is ignoring you; their minds are usually somewhere else completely!

Listens More Than They Speak

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Truity writes, “When focused on the speaker, an introvert wants to know about their day, thoughts, and experiences and prefers to observe instead of dominating the conversation.” Introverts prefer active listening when it comes to conversations, as they see it as being more important. It also allows you to learn more about a person when you just listen.

Analyzes Everything

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An introvert will analyze everything. They’ll constantly process information, try to evaluate what they have, and come to a conclusion. It shows that they seek a deeper meaning when it comes to understanding experiences, especially situations or scenarios that they haven’t encountered before.


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Introverts will avoid any harsh judgements about people or situations. This is supported by Introvert Dear which writes, “They’ll want to get to know you for you, not for who you know or what you do.” They’ll always consider multiple perspectives and take the time to evaluate before making any judgements.

Avoids Office Politics

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You won’t find an introvert near any office gossip or conflicts. Instead, they prefer to focus on their work, choosing not to become involved in the dramas of the workplace. They value peace and harmony, and the last thing they want is to be dragged into things that don’t concern them.

Excellent Problem Solving Skills

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Introverts are creative and can think deeply, which gives them excellent problem-solving skills. They approach challenges with thoughtful consideration. This unique way of problem-solving means an introvert can come up with effective solutions that another person would never be able to think of.

Values Deep, Meaningful Conversations

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All About Introverts writes, “Introverts tend to value deep connections and meaningful conversations.” They prefer these types of conversations over small talk, as it creates more meaningful connections. An introvert will always prefer the quality of a conversation compared to the quantity of conversations, as there’ll be more depth to them.

Loyal and Trustworthy

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An introvert will always prefer to form deep and trustworthy relationships with people. This may cause them to have fewer friends, but they know it isn’t the amount that matters. They’ll show a great deal of loyalty and commitment to their friends, and they will make sure they’re trustworthy and dependable in any personal relationship.

Enjoys Creative and Intellectual Pursuits

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Introverts love to engage in activities that require imagination and creativity. You’ll find that their interests often lie in reading, writing, art, and other intellectual activities. They find satisfaction in these solitary endeavors, as they’re also a chance for an introvert to keep on learning and developing their skills.

Needs Time to Recharge After Social Interactions

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Spending time in social situations can be draining for introverts. This is backed up by The Intention Habit, which writes, “As an introvert, you may feel drained after spending time in social situations. Taking time alone to recharge can help you feel refreshed and ready to face the world again.” Having alone time will help an introvert restore their energy.


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Introverts can easily notice details that others may miss. They always pay close attention to their surroundings, which means they can easily absorb everything. This observant behavior allows them to take in information more easily than others, whether that’s while watching a film or out in a bustling city.

Prefers Writing Over Speaking

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Introverts find it much easier to communicate by writing rather than speaking. It’s a more comfortable communication method for introverts, as they can express their thoughts more clearly through words. Written words are much easier for them compared to verbal methods of communication.

Reluctant to Take Risks

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You’ll find that introverts are less likely to take risks compared to extroverts. This is supported by Time, which writes, “People with a gene variant linked to introversion, on the other hand, took 28% less financial risk than others.” They will always be more cautious when it comes to taking risks, and they will always ensure they’re calculated.

Adapts Well to Solitary Work Environments

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Introverts work much better independently. They thrive in jobs that don’t require much team interaction or where they can work alone without being disturbed. They find satisfaction in working independently, and it goes along with the saying, “If you want something done, then do it yourself.”


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An introvert will regularly engage in in self-analysis as it makes them aware of their personal strengths and weaknesses. This self-awareness helps them to grow on a more personal level and look for areas where they can improve. They may engage in self-awareness through methods such as journaling or reflection.

Sensitive to Others

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Introverts will always be empathetic and responsive to the feelings of others. They can easily tune into the emotional atmosphere of a situation and may even put another person’s needs before their own. This comes from introverts being great at analyzing situations and being active listeners.

Values Quality Over Quantity in Relationships

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Meaningful relationships mean more to an introvert than having lots of different ones. This is true in both love and friendship. Introverts will invest deeply in meaningful relationships as they create longer lasting friendships or lovers. It’s important for introverts to have a smaller number of people they can rely on, rather than a larger group of less important friendships.

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