17 Most Popular Dogs for Those Who Have Retired

Have you recently retired and are looking for a furry companion? Are you not sure which breed to go for? You’re not alone. Lots of retirees hope to adopt or purchase dogs in their later years but are unsure which type of dog to choose. In this article, we’ll share 17 of the most popular breeds to help you make a decision.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Known for being gentle, sweet, and good with other pets, the adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a great choice for older adults. The dog breed weighs under 18 pounds and is athletic and easygoing. They also require minimal grooming and are famous for being affectionate.


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Chihuahua dogs may be small in size, but they have huge personalities, often acting bold and brave. This type of dog typically weighs under six pounds and is ideal for city living or those without too much extra space. They also have low grooming needs but can be vocal at times, so that’s something to consider.

Cocker Spaniel

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Playful and mischievous, Cocker Spaniels were originally hunting dogs but are now popular stay-at-home pets. As said by the American Kennel Club, “The merry and frolicsome Cocker Spaniel, with his big, dreamy eyes and impish personality, is one of the world’s best-loved breeds.” This breed enjoys walks and playing, though they do require regular grooming.

French Bulldog

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French Bulldogs are affectionate, friendly, and recognizable for their bat-like ears. This dog breed typically weighs under 28 pounds and has a low-maintenance short coat, making it ideal for seniors. Even better is that they typically only need short walks, and they’re charming and great for companionship.


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These adorable fluffy dogs are cheerful, friendly, and social, making them ideal lap dogs. They’re not very vocal, don’t get too big, and are great watchdogs. They also often get attached to one person, meaning they make great, loyal companions.

Lhasa Apso

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As shared by Dogster, “These absolutely lovely canines are an older dog breed, as they have been around for at least a thousand years.” They’re aristocratic, elegant, sweet, and confident pups. They’re also suitable for apartment living and aren’t overly active, which is great for owners who may struggle to move around too much.


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Known for their magnificent white coat, this breed makes great companions for people of any age. Maltese dogs typically weigh under seven pounds and have low exercise needs, which means they’re ideal for retirees. These dogs are bred to be pampered companions.

Miniature Schnauzer

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Miniature Schnauzers have outgoing personalities—fearless but not mean. With their hypoallergenic, wiry coats, they’re ideal even for those with allergies. These dogs are also adaptable to different living environments—a popular breed among retirees, and for good reason.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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DogTime says that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed is known for its “affectionate and friendly nature, combining intelligence and playfulness with a loyal and outgoing nature.” These dogs are popular among retirees because they’re easy to train and ideal for various home environments.


Photo Credit: SubertT/Shutterstock.

These gorgeous little dogs are notable for their big, fluffy coats, and they typically weigh under seven pounds, making them very easy to handle. They have big personalities but are well-suited for a slower lifestyle, making them perfect for older people. They also have low exercise needs and are easy to train.

Italian Greyhound

Photo Credit: Alexandra Morrison Photo/Shutterstock.

Petite, playful, and graceful, these dogs are ideal for small apartments or homes. They typically weigh under 14 pounds and are very active and engaging pets—though they do also love to lounge about on the couch. These dogs are a great choice for those who have retired or are about to!


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This breed is recognizable for its smooshy face and personality. According to Purina, pugs “suit an owner with a sense of humor who wants an affectionate, trainable small dog, willing to go everywhere with them.” They’re easy to care for, great companions, and known for loving their people.

Scottish Terrier

Photo Credit: Plotitsyna NiNa/Shutterstock.

Scottish Terriers are also popular dogs among retirees, known for their dignified, stubborn, and playful personalities. They do require regular grooming, but this is worth the hassle considering the love owners receive from their furry friends in return. This breed stands out with its distinctive profile and terrier tenacity.

Shih Tzu

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Known as the “little lion” dog, this breed is both sturdy and charming. Shih Tzus are small pets, typically weighing under 16 pounds when grown, and have mischievous characters. They do need regular grooming, but they have relatively low exercise requirements.

West Highland White Terrier

Photo Credit: Elenia Photo/Shutterstock.

“Smart, confident, and always entertaining at play, the adorable West Highland White Terrier (Westie, for short) has charmed owners for over 300 years,” as per AKC. These dogs have lively personalities and seek lots of affection from their owners, maintaining an independent nature while charming everyone around them.

Yorkshire Terrier

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These equally adorable dogs are hypoallergenic with long, silky coats. They typically weigh under seven pounds and are ideal for people with allergies. Bred to be companions, Yorkshire Terriers make great pets for retirees, though they do require regular grooming.

Boston Terrier

Photo Credit: Rolf_52/Shutterstock.

Lively, energetic, and highly entertaining, Boston Terriers are a popular choice among older people in the United States and beyond. These dogs are intelligent and easy to train, and they are also known for their sweet nature and clown-like personalities. If you’re looking for a dog in your retirement, they make a great choice!

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