19 Odd Things That Are Actually Considered Collectibles

From the traditional to the unusual, the world of collectibles is vast and varied. In this article, we dive into the lesser-known side of this hobby, listing 19 unique collectibles that may surprise or even make you laugh!

Celebrity Hair Clippings

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Celeb-obsessed collectors might find themselves drawn to the odd world of acquiring celebrity hair clippings. Owning a lock of hair can bring fans closer to their idols – or just creep out their friends.

Backscratchers from Around the Globe

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The humble backscratcher is an everyday item with surprising collectible appeal. Featuring ornate designs and cultural variations, backscratcher collectors have a world of odd and intriguing items at their fingertips, all ready to reach those pesky itches.

Expired License Plates

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Old license plates offer a unique way to explore automotive history and regional styles. Collectors of expired plates can accrue a colorful assortment of metal tags, showcasing the evolution of vehicle registration. 

Obsolete Currency

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Delving into the world of obsolete currency allows hoarders to explore the history of nations and their economic systems. With countless coins and banknotes from defunct countries or discontinued denominations, this collection will make you feel like a numismatic time traveler.

Mismatched Salt and Pepper Shakers

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For those who appreciate the quirkier side of kitchenware, collecting mismatched salt and pepper shakers can be a fun and colorful hobby. With countless unique designs and unlikely pairings, these odd couples will certainly add some spice to your dining table.

Dental Artifacts

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Collecting dental artifacts can be an intriguing pastime for those with a fascination for oral history. Vintage dental tools, antique toothpaste tubes, and even extracted teeth can all be part of this peculiar collection. Just don’t expect guests to smile when they see it!

Unconventional Snow Globes

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Shaking up the world of collectibles, unconventional snow globes can add a touch of whimsy to your display cabinet. Random options included pop culture icons and bizarre scenes – these quirky globes will have you questioning the limits of festive decor.

Bizarre Board Games

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Board game enthusiasts can take their love for tabletop entertainment to the next level by collecting strange and unusual games. Revisit obscure themes and peculiar mechanics with bizarre games that will make your next game night an unforgettable experience.

Outdated Tech Gadgets

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Tech enthusiasts with a penchant for nostalgia might enjoy collecting outdated gadgets. Think clunky cell phones and forgotten gaming consoles. Oh how these relics of the past can help us remember just how far technology has come – and how quickly it can become obsolete.

Napkin Rings Galore

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Napkin rings may seem mundane, but the world of collectible napkin rings is surprisingly diverse. Enthusiasts can find rings made from various materials and in a range of artistic styles. With enough dedication, you could have a napkin ring for every dinner party theme imaginable!

Roadside Attraction Souvenirs

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Embrace the kitsch and charm of roadside attractions by collecting their quirky souvenirs. Collectors gather odd postcards and bizarre trinkets to capture the spirit of Americana. All in a bid to yearn for the open road and its offbeat destinations.

Unusual Bottle Openers

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For those who appreciate a functional collectible, amassing unusual bottle openers can be a rewarding hobby. Choose from designs such as quirky animals and intricate sculptures, and discover how handy gadgets combine art and utility. You’ll always open your beverages in style!

Vintage Mouse Traps

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If you can stomach the idea of collecting items once used to catch rodents, vintage mouse traps offer a unique window into the history of pest control. With ingenious designs and craftsmanship, these traps might make you appreciate the creativity of our ancestors – and be grateful for modern solutions.

Oversized Novelty Items

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If bigger is always better in your world, then collecting oversized novelty items might be the perfect hobby for you. Giant pencils, huge coins, and enormous paper clips are just a few examples of the oddities you can accumulate in this larger-than-life collection.

Haunted Dolls

Photo Credit: Maleo/Shutterstock.

For thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts, collecting haunted dolls can add a spine-chilling element to your home. These eerie figurines are often believed to harbor spirits or supernatural energy, so be prepared for some spooky stories and unexpected bumps in the night.

Antique Prosthetic Limbs

Photo Credit: Shine Nucha/Shutterstock.

Definitely not for the faint of heart, antique prosthetic limbs offer a fascinating glimpse into medical technology history. Collectors can find early examples of artificial limbs, showcasing the ingenuity and determination of those who helped improve the lives of amputees.

Vintage Cereal Boxes

Photo Credit: JHVEPhoto/Shutterstock.

Breakfast lovers, rejoice! Collecting vintage cereal boxes allows you to explore the history of your favorite morning meal. Remember the retro mascots and long-lost brands? This collection will take you on a nostalgic trip through the cereal aisle.

Toilet Paper Rolls of Yesteryear

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Collecting vintage toilet paper rolls might sound strange, but some enthusiasts find it fascinating to track the evolution of bathroom tissue. From early advertisements to unique packaging designs, this peculiar collection will definitely leave guests wondering about your bathroom decor choices.

Airline Barf Bags

Photo Credit: Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock.

For those with a passion for aviation and a strong stomach, collecting airline barf bags is a quirky hobby. With various designs and logos from airlines worldwide, these bags offer a unique glimpse into the history of air travel. Just remember to empty them before you start collecting!

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