17 Old-School Boomer Trends That Are Due a Revival

Many trends come and go in history, and some we’d like to see again. Old-school trends provide us with a sense of nostalgia, and that’s exactly what we need right now. Here are 17 old-school boomer trends that are due a revival.

Vinyl Records

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Vinyl records were massive in the Boomer generation. They were an iconic way to enjoy music and are still collected in this day and age. The vinyl industry is already showing signs of a revival. According to CNBC, “the global vinyl record market was valued at $1.98 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $4.12 billion by 2030.”

Drive-In Theaters

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Going to the movie theater is a popular activity for most, but watching a movie under the stars isn’t an experience everyone is lucky enough to have had. Drive-in theaters provide extra privacy to enjoy a movie. During the coronavirus outbreak, we saw a small resurgence in drive-in theaters due to the ability to be socially distant.

Polaroid Cameras

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With the constant evolution of technology, the Polaroid camera was negatively affected. People were opting for electrical cameras, and now more so, cell phones, to take pictures. However, they’re missing out on the tangible memories a Polaroid brings. Having the photo in your hand after creating a special moment is unmatched.

Retro Video Games

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Retro video games are a key childhood memory for boomers but could also become popular with younger generations. Retro video games provide a sense of nostalgia for how the emerging industry at the time looked. They provided more focus on the gameplay mechanics than the flashy graphics of today’s games.

DIY Crafts

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DIY crafting was a fun hobby enjoyed by many boomers, and there is no reason why other generations can’t enjoy it today. With the surge of never-ending technological development, crafting isn’t as popular as it once was, but it’s an activity where you can build skills and tap into the creative side of your brain.

Classic Literature

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With endless technology, reading among younger generations is seen less. Those who do read tend to skip out on discovering classic literature. Boomers enjoyed the classics and found them entertaining while helping with intellectual development. A revival of classic literature would allow us all to take a break from screen time and enjoy the flow of our imagination.


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Typewriters were used by many boomers and it was even a skill taught in some schools. It seems they’re having a small revival, as Typewriters.com reveals, “Typewriters represent, for many young people, a bygone era when things were more straightforward and authentic.” This is because these devices are a great way to be creative.  

Vintage Fashion

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Fashion changes with time, but it can often have a resurgence. There was definitely some trendy fashion from the boomer era, as with any generation. The revival of vintage fashion would allow people to truly express themselves by standing out from the crowd, along with having a positive impact on the environment by reusing clothing.

Board Games

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When it comes to games, most people will play them on their phones or consoles. Boomers didn’t have this luxury and instead would play board games, which was a great way to interact and socialize. A revival of board games will provide a chance for families and friends to bond and enjoy the experience together.

Cassette Tapes

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Cassette tapes bring back fond memories for boomers. As mentioned by LEGACYBOX, cassettes didn’t just let you listen to music; they also allowed you to make your own mixtape to share with friends or loved ones. Due to the lengthy process, it was seen as a loving thing to do.

Handwritten Letters

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With the ease of quick communication through messaging or email, you rarely see a handwritten letter today. They used to be a thoughtful way to communicate, but in current times, a handwritten letter would show the lengths an individual went to to share their feelings with the recipient.

Classic Car Restoration

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Classic car restoration required the craftsmanship and skills that boomers had to restore and preserve the vehicles. A revival of classic car restoration would provide a hobby for people and an opportunity to perfect skills. There has always been a market for vintage cars, so it could even be seen as a wise investment.

Roller Discos

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As mentioned by Groovy History, roller discos were a popular activity in the 1970s. Boomers would dance on roller skates around a rink to disco music. It was an activity for all ages to socialize and enjoy themselves while still getting exercise and staying active.

Tea Parties

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Tea parties were a great way to catch up and socialize with friends. In more recent times, social events have occurred more often over dinner in a restaurant or having a drink. A revival of tea parties would provide a much more relaxed environment to socialize and enjoy each other’s company.

Vintage Book Clubs

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A revival in vintage book clubs would present the opportunity for readers to socialize with peers where they can discuss and share thoughts on classics. It allowed boomers to create connections over particular reading materials and discuss books, characters, and authors at length with each other.

Karaoke Nights

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Karaoke nights aren’t as popular as they once were for boomers growing up. It presented an opportunity to go out with your friends and let your hair down. This fun activity allows you to connect with the people close to you while also interacting with strangers and sharing a moment together.

Soda Fountain Shops

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Soda fountain shops were a popular place for people to hang out and enjoy a sweet treat. They served up sodas, milkshakes, sundaes, and snacks. A revival in soda shops would provide nostalgia for those who used to visit and a place for the newer generation to explore and enjoy a treat while admiring the retro décor.

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