18 Old School Habits That Are Making a Comeback 

Old school habits are starting to make a comeback. These can be hobbies associated with the older generation, such as sewing or woodworking. It can also be old-school manners, such as writing thank-you notes and opening doors for people. Let’s look at 18 of these habits.


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Calligraphy’s revival has come from social media outlets such as Instagram. This is supported by Family Handyman who writes, “The rhythm and movement of calligraphy captivates millions of social media users who find it “mesmerizing” and “satisfying.” With celebrities such as Meghan Markle showcasing her calligraphy skills, this has influenced others to give it a go. 


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This current DIY craze has led to people creating their own furniture, either for themselves or to resell on sites such as Etsy and social media. Woodworking skills are something that have been passed down through generations, so it’s great to see people putting skills to use that they have learned from their parents or grandparents.  

Handwriting Letters

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Yes Magazine writes, “Handwritten correspondence is a patient, meaningful way to keep in touch.” Handwritten letters add a personal touch to communication. There’s more of a sentimental value to opening a handwritten letter in the mail, which is a stark contrast to an impersonal email. 


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DIY sewing means a better quality of fit when purchasing new clothing; it allows you to tailor the clothes to your body. As you become more experienced with sewing, you can even search for online patterns and materials to create items from scratch. The influence on sewing has predominantly come from social media sites, such as Instagram. 


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There’s been a huge shift towards ethical taxidermy practices. People have started using deceased animals that either naturally or accidentally died instead of purposely hunting them. The resurgence in taxidermy has led to people becoming more scientifically curious while also becoming more artistic at the same time. 


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There’s been an increased demand for more traditional births, particularly homebirths. In the US, midwives are seen as being able to help with the mortality rates of infants and mothers. Midwifery has been increasing more and more as a profession, with many choosing to study the subject at college. 


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The internet has managed to cause a resurgence in butchery, which is largely due to trying to be more sustainable. This is backed by Donald Russell, who writes, “Today, awareness of sustainable and ethical farming practices is growing and there has been a renewed interest in small-scale operations selling meat from local sources.”

Chair Caning

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This old school method can go hand in hand with woodworking. It involves weaving canes together to form the seat of a chair. With online resources and tutorials available, it means it’s become a popular hobby. There are even special kits available that can be purchased online.


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After a peak in formula sales, the shift has started to turn back to breastfeeding infants. This is because it has much more health benefits, which the World Health Organization has listed as children performing better on intelligence tests, being less likely to be overweight, and being less prone to diabetes. 


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Embroidery is an ancient skill that’s been passed down through generations. We started to see a decline in embroidery; however, thanks to social media, it’s now making a comeback. Social media has also been great at creating communities where embroiderers can come together. There are lots of modern designs that people can practice, such as pop culture themes. 

Basket Weaving

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There’s been a surge in the basket weaving craft thanks to people seeing it as a functional hobby. It’s a craft dating back centuries, and its historical significance meant community survival. Thanks to online tutorials available at the click of a button, there’s been an increase in popularity. 

Saying “Please” and “Thank You”

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“Please” and “thank you” are important parts of everyday life. Some people had been starting to forget this. Their importance is also agreed upon by Fran Sonnennberg Online who writes, “When you say please and thank you, you’re displaying kindness and respect.” It’s been a contrast to modern ways, but as people start to relearn these manners, we can acknowledge their efforts. 

Writing Thank You Notes

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People prefer to write handwritten thank you notes, just like in the old days. It adds a personal touch when expressing gratitude, especially when you’ve just received a beautiful gift. The note helps to reflect the effort that went into buying the gift and tells the giver that it’s much appreciated. 

Remembering to RSVP

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Gifts advises, “Whether it is a formal invitation with an RSVP card or an informal invitation with reply instructions, make sure to respond in the manner indicated.” It’s a sign of respect to RSVP and gives event organizers time to work around the number of people attending. People have learned that it’s important to maintain social courtesies. 

Holding Doors Open

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This simple act shows so much kindness and thoughtfulness. It doesn’t have to be gender specific and can instead be a universal courtesy. This is something that always used to occur during the old school days, and now it seems people are learning from how things used to be done. 

Wet Shaving with a Safety Razor

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This traditional shaving method has been given a modern update. It’s a classic and refined method of shaving that many people use to benefit their skin. This is supported by Agent Shaves, who writes, “Traditional wet shaving enthusiasts have commonly made the switch to shaving with a safety razor due to persistent skin irritation and sensitivity.” 

Handwritten Note-taking

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The days of taking notes on laptops are gone, as everyone has gone back to writing their notes by hand. This is because handwritten notes allow a person to take in more information as it’s easily processed in their brain. It encourages a more focused approach and stops people from becoming easily distracted by electronic devices. 

Making Proper Introductions

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Proper introductions reinforce the importance of social etiquette. It helps to reduce any awkwardness that may arise from coming into contact with new people and shows a sense of respect and acknowledgment in social situations. This old-school way can even lead to more friendships being formed in the future.

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