18 Things Boomers Are Tired of Hearing From Gen Z

Gen Z is always saying things that boomers don’t agree with. But in this article, you’ll find 18 things that boomers are particularly tired of hearing from Gen Z.

Work Is Tiring

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Many work processes have been automated and a lot more people are doing office jobs now than manual labor. Because of this, boomers hate to hear that Gen Z is tired after a day of work when their work is relatively easy in comparison to what they had to do.

Annual Leave Complaints

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Many Gen Z complain about not getting enough annual leave each year. However, boomers did not have such a luxury when they started working. According to Striking Women, “the idea of paid leave and the importance of leisure was reiterated in 1948 by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

Places Are Far

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Boomers grew up in a generation where travel was difficult. Although cars existed, travel by car was less common. People often had to walk long distances to get to where they needed to go. So when Gen Z complains that certain places are too far away, boomers don’t like it.

Learning Is Hard

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Boomers are used to paging through books to find the information they need. Gen Z grew up in a world where all you have to do is type in a question to find the answer. Learning has become so much easier than it was before, so boomers don’t like it when the younger generations say that learning is hard.

Too Many Meetings

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“There are around 55 million meetings held each week in the U.S. That’s at least 11 million per day and over 1 billion per year,” says Cross River Therapy. Many meetings now take place online. In the past, boomers had to travel to get to a meeting and had to do all interactions face-to-face.

Pro-Climate Promises

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Many businesses in operation today claim that they’ll make their way of working better for the environment. But years pass, and little is done. Many boomers are fed up with hearing promises about the plans to improve the climate but nothing is ever done.

Too Expensive

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Gen Z has more money now than boomers ever did when they were growing up. Because of this, they hate to hear Gen Z complaining about the price of things and demanding more money from their parents or their employers. They want to see them work hard to earn their money.

Constant Protests

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Boomers have protested and fought for their rights in the past, but Gen Z seems to be doing this more frequently. To boomers, Gen Z seems to have a lack of tolerance for slightly unfavorable circumstances. Boomers also think that they lack respect for the government.

Too Busy

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The figures from PCMag show that “On average, Americans spend 4 hours and 25 minutes a day on their phones, compared to 2 hours and 54 minutes in 2022.” Many of those in Gen Z spend way too much time on their cell phones and then complain about not having enough time in the day.

Need Vacation

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It’s not uncommon for Gen Z to state that they need a vacation. But when boomers were their age, going on vacation was a luxury and not something that people did often. Most people worked the whole year without going on a vacation. This makes Gen Z look fragile in the eyes of a boomer.

Sick Leave

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It’s not a law for employers to give their employees paid sick leave, but it’s something that Gen Z is fighting for. Many will not sign a contract without it. Boomers, on the other hand, were used to working for decades without paid sick leave and did so without complaining about it.

Books Are Boring

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Gen Z is far more likely to watch a video than spend their free time reading books. Many of them think that books are boring. Boomers hate to hear Gen Z say this, as they were raised reading books and think that the newest generation lacks the imagination to enjoy a good book.

Eye Strain

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The statistics from Women In Optometry show that “69% [of people] experience symptoms of digital eye strain at least once a week or less. 21% have brought up to their doctor their digital device use and how it affects their eyes.” But eye strain from an office job doesn’t compare with the back-breaking work boomers used to do.


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Many people claim to be stressed out at work, including Gen Z. This stress causes a lot of them to need time away from the office. But boomers find this hard to believe, as back when they were at work, life was harder, and making ends meet was very expensive.

Travel Is Expensive

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In the past, travel was very expensive, and going on a plane to another country was something almost unheard of for boomers. But since then, travel opportunities have opened up and have become accessible to many. Boomers hate to hear when Gen Z complains about the price of air travel.

New Clothes

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Boomers were not raised in the throw-away society that we know today. They passed their clothes onto others and looked after their things, mending them when necessary. Boomers don’t like to see Gen Z being so wasteful with clothes, buying things, and then never wearing them.

Too Cold

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Many boomers grew up in houses that only had fireplaces and where keeping a whole house warm was completely impossible. Nowadays, thanks to central heating systems, houses can stay comfortably warm, even in the winter. Boomers hate to hear Gen Z complain about the cold.


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Boomers don’t like it when Gen Z uses stereotypes to talk about their generation. They dislike it when Gen Z acts as if boomers are too old to understand things or that it’s not worth explaining certain things to them. Stereotypes about them being too conservative or being out of touch with the world are also unappreciated.

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