19 Things Everyone Does at Work (But Won’t Say Out Loud)

We all do it, but no one talks about it – until now! In this post, we’re unveiling 19 things everyone does at work but won’t say out loud. From doodling during meetings to taking extended bathroom breaks. Whether you’re happily retired or still in the office, we’re sure you can relate!


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Ah, procrastination, our secret friend at work. Ever found yourself staring blankly at the screen, pretending to ponder a profound thought? In reality, you’re just counting the minutes until lunchtime. We all do it, and that’s totally fine!

Hoarding Snack in the Drawer

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“Healthy lunch” may be your mantra, but it’s the secret drawer of chocolate and chips that really fuels those afternoon work sessions. Under the cloak of the desk, snacks reign supreme. Let’s toast with a hidden candy bar!

Photocopier Small Talk

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The photocopier is not just for printing; it’s the hot spot for gossip. You might pretend to be frustrated with the paper jam, but secretly you’re gathering all the juicy details of everyone’s weekend. Gossip, the hidden treasure of the workplace!

Sending After-Hour Emails

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Sending emails after office hours – it’s a sneakily satisfying way of signaling dedication without actually working overtime. Crafted at 4pm but sent at 9pm, because who doesn’t love to look like a workaholic?

The “Muted Mic” Risk Taker

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Participating in a virtual meeting? Turn that mic off and start your commentary. Who hasn’t accidentally left it on, though? We’ve all been there, providing unexpected entertainment. Just another memorable day at the virtual office!

Scheduling Fake Meetings

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Ah, the phantom meeting! Nothing says “I’m busy” like a closed door and a stern “do not disturb” expression. Who would guess that the only thing happening inside is a much-needed breather and some well-deserved solitude?

Strategically Planning Bathroom Breaks

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Those quick breaks aren’t just for the loo! Whether it’s a moment of peace, a quick scroll through social media, or even a mini pep-talk, the bathroom has turned into an unofficial sanctuary of sanity in the workplace.

Ignoring Emails

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Admit it, sometimes ignoring emails becomes a sport. The skill lies in gauging which ones will fade into the email abyss, without any repercussions. Yes, an unattended email can indeed bring a sense of wicked delight!

Mismatched Sock Day

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Wearing mismatched socks to work? Bravo! You’re a fashion trendsetter. Let’s face it, life’s too short to find matching socks, especially when you’re in the trenches of the morning rush. Celebrate those wild combinations; you’re a style icon!

Meeting Doodles

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Work meetings can sometimes spawn an unexpected Picasso moment. From random scribbles to elaborate sketches, our meeting minutes are often peppered with these hidden gems. Who said note-taking couldn’t be fun?

Pretend Phone Calls

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A fake phone call to avoid small talk? It’s a classic move. Just nod and smile, and no one will ever know. Remember, you’re not avoiding people; you’re simply embracing technology!

The Printer Scuffle

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Who hasn’t faced the wrath of the office printer? But there’s a sweet triumph in conquering that stubborn machine and finally getting it to print your document. Victory against the machine!

Lunch Theft Investigations

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Did someone steal your lunch? Time to turn into Sherlock Holmes! It’s a mystery that may never be solved, but the search is honestly half the fun. The game is afoot!

The Unofficial Dress Code

Sweatpants during a video call? As long as the shirt is business, we’re in the clear! The unofficial dress code of remote work has revolutionized fashion in ways we’d never imagined.

Personal Concert Time

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Who hasn’t performed a mini-concert at their desk with headphones on? Belting out those high notes, you’re a star in the making! Keep on singing; the world is your stage.

Inspirational Quote Collection

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You’ve got motivational quotes pinned everywhere. They’re not just décor; they’re fuel for the soul! Keep dreaming big and sharing those words of wisdom. You’re a walking, talking motivation machine!

“Borrowed” Office Supplies

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Who knew how satisfying it could be to acquire a new pen or notebook? Sure, it’s ‘borrowed’ from the office supply closet, but it’s the little victories that count, right?

Taking Secret Naps

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Secret under-the-desk power naps are a workplace treasure! These glorious quick snoozes recharge the batteries, making all the difference in your day. But shhh, don’t let the snoring give you away!

Make Excuses For a Sick Day

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From the “24-hour bug” to “my dog ate my car keys,” the creativity in our sick day excuses is boundless. They’re little works of fiction we all write once in a while.

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