18 Things Old People Complain About That Are Actually Fair

Our older generation gets a bad rap for being overly grumpy. But this is not a valid reason to dismiss every critical thing they have to say as baseless and trivial. Let’s take a look at 18 things old people complain about that are actually fair.

Declining Physical Health

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As we age, we naturally face more challenges with mobility and daily activities we used to find easy. Older people also have to deal with longer recovery times and an increased susceptibility to illness and injuries. As you may imagine, this can feel incredibly frustrating and disheartening at times.

Inadequate Mental Health Resources

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Unfortunately, there is still a sense of stigma around mental health issues, especially within the older population. Senior citizens are more at risk of issues such as loneliness and depression, so it is incredibly important for them to feel like they have access to the proper mental health support and resources.

Difficulty Adapting to Technology

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As much as we may mock older folk for their inability to understand modern technology, it’s easy to see how the world’s rapid advancement in technology could be overwhelming. This can leave our elders feeling confused, frustrated, and left behind in an increasingly digital landscape.

The Rising Cost of Living

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Because older people are usually on fixed incomes, this can make it even more difficult for them to keep up with inflation and rising living costs. They also often have additional costs, such as healthcare and prescription costs, making financial planning even more stressful.

Changes in Social Structures

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It’s easy for our elders to feel disconnected from younger generations, and they commonly have to face the loss of friends and spouses, causing them to feel even more isolated. It can also feel very challenging to make friends later in life, especially in our increasingly online world.

Noise Pollution

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As we get older, sometimes all we want is some peace and quiet. Hearing Health Houston notes that seniors are generally more sensitive to loud noises, which can make noise pollution such as loud music, traffic, and other neighborhood noises even more disturbing and stressful.

Healthcare Accessibility and Quality

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Our healthcare system and insurance become even more important to us as we grow older, but unfortunately, they can feel incredibly difficult and stressful to navigate at times. Older individuals are also sometimes subjected to ageism and long wait times.

Public Transportation and Accessibility

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The increased challenges that come with old age and mobility issues can make using public transportation more difficult. Sadly, many states and cities are not doing as much as they could to make public services and accommodations more senior-friendly.

Safety and Security Concerns

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Unfortunately, many scammers know that elderly individuals are more vulnerable to scams, fraud, and abuse. For this reason, they are often targeted more than most, which can be very stressful and put them at risk of significant financial loss.

Maintenance of Public Spaces

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A lot of senior citizens value clean, well-maintained walkways, parks, and other public areas. We think they’re well within their right to complain when their favorite places to exercise, socialize, and relax are unclean or lack accessibility features such as benches and ramps.

Housing Options and Home Maintenance

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The health and mobility challenges that come with aging can make it considerably more difficult for older people to properly maintain their homes. Downsizing can also be much more difficult these days, as affordable housing options are few and far between.

Quality of Retirement Homes

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Regardless of whether it’s always in their best interest or not, seniors often end up in retirement homes of questionable quality. These homes can be incredibly expensive and underregulated, sparking several past controversies over reports of neglect and inadequate care.

Lack of Respect from Younger Generations

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Our elders have a lifetime of knowledge, experience, and stories to share with younger generations. Unfortunately, some people don’t seem to recognize that, often causing older people to feel undervalued or dismissed because of their age.

Complexity of Government Services

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While there are several governmental benefits and services on offer to senior citizens, they can feel very confusing and hard to access at times. This has caused some people to call for more transparency and information about entitlements and how elderly people can apply for them.

Media Representation

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Sadly, while older people are seen in the media, they are often represented through harmful stereotypes or played up for jokes. We believe our seniors deserve a more accurate and inclusive representation that reflects their vitality, strengths, and capabilities.

Health Information Overload

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The internet is an incredibly useful tool for accessing information about health, fitness, and well-being. But unfortunately, a lot of the information out there is misleading, inaccurate, and contradictory, making it harder for seniors to sort fact from fiction.

Age Discrimination in the Workplace

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According to Axios, over 40% of workers over the age of 40 say that they have experienced some form of workplace ageism or discrimination. This can cause older people to feel undervalued, overlooked, and misunderstood. In some cases, it can even affect their employment status and financial stability.

Diminished Hearing and Vision Support

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Many elderly individuals experience hearing and vision problems. Sadly, hearing aids, glasses, and other necessary healthcare services are becoming increasingly expensive, which can make it challenging for them to get the support and resources they need.

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