17 Things That Used to Be Highly Respected But Isn’t Anymore

Many things in the world used to be well-respected before turning into complete jokes for various reasons. An internet survey recently asked people, “What is something that was once highly respected but is now a complete joke?” Here are the top 20 answers:

Working in a School

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Teaching used to be such a noble profession. But now, with the state of education, it’s hard to see it as a viable career choice, especially considering the pay. It’s heartbreaking because there are folks who love teaching and are great at it but just can’t make it work financially.


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Facebook was once the king of social media, a revolutionary platform. But it’s lost its charm, especially with Zuckerberg buying up potential competitors and then running them into the ground. It’s a case of a good thing gone bad, thanks to poor leadership.


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Remember when Netflix was the hero, set to save us from pricey cable bills? Now it’s just another subscription channel. It’s ironic, considering every studio now wants a piece of the streaming pie, turning Netflix into what it once sought to dethrone.

People’s Privacy

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Privacy used to be something we took for granted. Now, with the rise of spying technology and the ease of data collection, it feels like an uphill battle to keep personal information private. It’s a sad shift from a time when privacy violations were rare and costly.

Making 20 Dollars an Hour

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Making $20 an hour used to be decent pay, but now it barely cuts it. Even if you’re earning more, the cost of living just keeps rising. It’s like you can never earn enough to get ahead, no matter how hard you work.


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Journalism has lost its integrity. It’s no longer about delivering news but more about entertainment and inciting reactions. Finding unbiased, informative news is a challenge, and it’s a real loss for those seeking truthful reporting.

The Academy Awards

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The Oscars used to be a big deal, but now, they feel irrelevant. People are waking up to the reality that it’s more about politics than art. Plus, it’s become this exclusive celebrity party that we’re just spectators to, and who wants to watch that?

Being US President

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The US presidency was once a position of great respect. Now, it feels like anyone can take the job, and not always for the better. It extends to politics in general – there’s a growing distrust and disdain towards politicians.


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Facts seem to have lost their value. It’s all about opinions now. You can present all the evidence in the world, but if someone chooses not to believe it, they won’t. It’s frustrating when people dismiss facts as “fake news.”


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Lawyers were never the most beloved professionals, but now, their image is even worse. The notion that justice hinges on how much you can pay a lawyer is a tough pill to swallow. It’s disheartening to think that your legal fate could depend more on your financial resources than on the truth or fairness.

Theranos (Elizabeth Holmes)

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Theranos was seen as a beacon of innovation, but it turned out to be a monumental fraud. Elizabeth Holmes, once celebrated as a visionary, ended up embodying the dark side of the American Dream – quick success built on deception.

The Royal Family

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The allure of royalty seems to be fading. Scandals and the reality of their just-as-flawed lives have chipped away at the respect once afforded to them. The monarchy, especially in the UK, is increasingly seen as an outdated institution.

Drunk Driving

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There was a time when drunk driving wasn’t taken seriously. It was almost a badge of honor to make it home in such a state. Thankfully, society has recognized its dangers and no longer treats it lightly.

Elon Musk

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Elon Musk was once seen as a modern-day hero, a visionary shaping the future. But his personal antics and public blunders have tarnished that image. He’s still influential, but his reputation has taken a significant hit.


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Ubisoft used to be a name synonymous with innovation in gaming. Now, it’s more about cashing in on past successes, often at the expense of what made their games special in the first place. It’s a classic case of a company losing sight of what made it great.

University Degree

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A degree was once a ticket to a promising career. Now, it’s almost commonplace, with its value diluted by the sheer number of graduates. The prestige that once came with higher education seems to have diminished.

NBA Defenses

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NBA defenses used to be a major part of the game. Now, it’s all about offense and scoring. Games easily surpassing 100 points have become the norm, reducing the impact and excitement of a strong defense.

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